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Australia’s Metadata Retention Scheme

It is recently reported that Australia has found a way to legally monitor its citizens’ internet and mobile phone usage with their new metadata laws that will come into effect in 2017. The law allows law enforcement and security officials to monitor communications on most internet sites and... Read More »

Internet Fraud: How It Works

Internet fraud is a matter of increasing concern for both civilians and law-enforcement agencies as it is not only difficult to track hackers, but also challenging to identify Internet frauds. The best option, therefore, is to avoid these frauds by changing over to a virtual private network or... Read More »

Toughen Your Browser For Online Security

The world we live in is more connected than ever before and this makes things extremely easy for us. Think about it. Everything from shopping for groceries to carrying out bank transaction is done through your browser. However, these connections are two way and make us more vulnerable... Read More »

VPN Benefits: Security And Anonymous Surfing

Privacy on the Internet is a matter of great concern because identity theft and other illegal activities are very rampant. Websites you visit, major search engines, and social media networks track and record your searches so as to serve you with relevant ads and links. Your ISP tracks... Read More »