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Different Ways To Make Your VPN More Secure

By default, VPNs provide excellent anonymity and security, but that does not mean they are 100% impervious. There is still more you can do if you want to be utterly secure. Below are a few tested and tried ways to ensure your protection and privacy. Change the VPN... Read More »

How To Keep Hackers And Spies At Bay

Businesses all over the world are using different methods to keep hackers at bay. There are many incidents that can expose a business to hackers. For example, sharing crucial information about the business on Wi-Fi networks that are not protected by VPN (Virtual Private Network). Loss of data... Read More »
WiFi Logo Hacked

How Easy To Get Hacked on Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks are popular in coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and just about everywhere else that people might need to get an Internet connection to do business or just pass the time. Unfortunately, public Wi-Fi networks come with significant risks. Let’s take a look at those risks, but... Read More »
Identity Theft Online

How to Avoid Identity Theft

Identity theft is a pervasive problem. Information about you can be used to exploit you financially and in other ways and, because of that, there are always people out there looking for it. Here are some of the ways you can protect yourself from identity theft, online and... Read More »