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Verizon Launches Its VPN App ‘Safe WiFi’

Verizon has come up with its version of a virtual private network, “Safe Wi-Fi.” Verizon subscribers will be able to make use of this VPN service by making an additional payment of $3.99 per month to their existing plan. Though Verizon has made an official announcement on the... Read More »
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Top Best VPNs for Windows 10

Data privacy and system security are two major reasons to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). When Windows is your operating system, the need for having a VPN between your computer and your internet service provider is relevant, though it cannot be denied that Microsoft has come a... Read More »
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What Are Some of the Best Things You Can Do with a VPN?

In today’s context, Virtual Private Networks have turned into an essential gadget for accessing the internet or seamlessly streaming online content using your PC or laptop. If you have regular internet connectivity in your home or office, the service provider has installed a Wi-Fi modem through which you... Read More »

VPN Usage is Increasing, Study Shows

According to a recent survey, the use of VPN services in the United States and the United Kingdom has skyrocketed. The numbers show that VPN services have indeed become a mainstream product in today’s times. The survey was performed by Wombat Security to figure out if the recent... Read More »

Protect Your Internet Privacy Against Trackers

Every time users log onto a website, various parties are on hand to track habits, browsing, and shopping patterns. This poses a serious internet privacy issue since no one wishes for their private activities to be tracked by third party or software. Cyber criminals and hackers employ various... Read More »

How Awesome Is Kodi!

Kodi: All Streaming Content, All the Time If you haven’t heard about Kodi (aka Xbox Media Center, in its previous incarnation) by now, then you are in for a treat! We promise you at the end of this article that you’ll be geared up and ready to download... Read More »

Access Netflix’s Global Catalog Via VPN

Netflix has taken the tech world by storm following its expansion to 130 countries. This means that video streaming service is now available in the 190 countries of the world. Netflix has an extensive library of movies, shows and television channels all with new episodes and new movies... Read More »

Different Ways To Make Your VPN More Secure

By default, VPNs provide excellent anonymity and security, but that does not mean they are 100% impervious. There is still more you can do if you want to be utterly secure. Below are a few tested and tried ways to ensure your protection and privacy. Change the VPN... Read More »

How To Keep Hackers And Spies At Bay

Businesses all over the world are using different methods to keep hackers at bay. There are many incidents that can expose a business to hackers. For example, sharing crucial information about the business on Wi-Fi networks that are not protected by VPN (Virtual Private Network). Loss of data... Read More »