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IronSocket Review

IronSocket VPN








Anonymity & Security





  • Shared IP Addresses
  • Great for Streaming
  • Excellent Speed
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • 7 Day Guarantee


  • Use Opensource Client.
  • Installation & Configuration.
  • Need To Be Tech Savvy.
  • Have To Enter Password Often


IronSocket VPN Ranked 5th In Our Testing. 


Security for internet users online is not what it used to be. The presence of hackers and nosy governments makes it much harder for people to maintain a high level of privacy. That is why Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) come in handy. IronSocket VPN is one of those products. You should consider having it installed in your devices.

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Your security should be paramount if you are looking to preserve the integrity of your data and information online. With the Iron Socket VPN, you  can gain to access a number of security functions that you need.

You will be able to secure your identity online through the safety shield available for Wi-Fi hot spots. The VPN will also be able to protect any sensitive accounts and data that you may have. In addition, the product prevents tracking by ensuring that no activity logs are kept. You will also benefit from the security features, which prevent spying and spamming. This means that you will always be in control of your devices.

IronSocket Offer 256 bit encryption which is really important as this is one of the highest levels of encryption available on the market today, when accompanied withe the use of the OpenVPN protocol you are well encrypted and secure from outside third parties spying on your online moves.



Iron Socket VPN is available via multiple servers. In fact, there are over 36 server locations across the world in most of the continents. New servers are added regularly as the demand for the VPN increases.

Some of the servers utilize P2P file transfers while others do not. However, the servers all support OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP.

You will have access to numerous IP addresses via these servers. This ensures that you are able to hide your identity when you come online. You will therefore have an easy time maintaining your anonymity. To make matters even better, you can do this via servers in a location that are far away from where you actually reside.



Iron socket VPN is not that user-friendly unfortunately. The first thing you need to do is to sign up for the service. Once that is done, you will receive instructions on how to get started with Iron socket. You then have to navigate around the site, which was not that easy, to find the correct instructions to download and install the VPN software. If you wan to use the openVPN protocol (the most secure) then you need to use the open source  VPN software and then go and install every different location that you with to connect to. This is a cumbersome process that anyone that is not tech savvy will hate.

After you have completed the long setup process you have to enter your username and password every time you connect to a server, for someone that is changing servers often then this is a real pain in the ass. If you are tech savvy then once it is all installed and configured it is pretty easy and straight forward to use as it appears in your bottom of your screen in the tray as shown below.



IronSocket support also lacks a little when it comes to support. They do offer email support 24 hours a day 365 days per year but they have no IM chat support which is disappointing. Their email support did come in 3rd quickest though which was a good sign.


The speed that IronSocket provides is very good and makes up for a lot they lack in other areas. They performed second best in the speed tests carried out which was surprising although when trying to stream video from YouTube and connecting to a server in Australia it would buffer a lot and stop while playing to buffer again.

IronSocet VPN Speed Test


(Speed test of IronSocket VPN connecting to Germany)


The Iron Socket VPN does not offer many features at all, this is reflected in the price. It provides a secure and very fast VPN but that is about it.

Mobile App

Iron Socket VPN is optimized for use via mobile phones. You can obtain the app required for your phone depending on what kind you have. Currently, it is possible for you to install and use this VPN on Android phones as well as the iPhone. Since these smartphones are a necessity if you utilize social media platform, having the VPN will ensure that you can keep your anonymity online. The devices can also be used to stream certain blocked content from services like Spotify, Pandora etc.


With an increasing number of people accessing the internet, you need to become extra vigilant. This is because you have no idea of who is on the other end. In addition, if you want to access content of any kind, there is always the possibility that someone is looking over your shoulder. Iron Socket VPN is a great option for those who dont need any extra features, really know their way around computers and don’t mind a bit of set up time and configuration. The cheap price coupled with their excellent speed and good size selection of server locations make this a really good deal. If you do not know your way around computers much or do not like long and cumbersome installation processes then this is not for you.

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