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Overplay Review

Overplay VPN








Anonymity & Security





  • Great Performance.
  • Smart DNS Included With VPN.
  • Can Use To Stream Netflix etc.
  • Extremely Simple To Use.
  • 7 Day Guarantee.


  • Not Many Features.
  • Little more Pricey.

Overplay VPN

Overplay Ranked 2nd In Our Testing.

Overplay have been in the VPN market for a few years now and offer two different services. Firstly they have the VPN service and they also offer the Smart DNS service. I am going to explain the differences and pros and cons of both services in this Overplay review.


The Overplay Smart DNS service is a way of routing your internet traffic/connection though a different DNS (Domain Name Server) to appear that you are from a different country but without losing any speed due to the encryption process etc. This is especially handy if you want to use it to watch Netflix from the USA or to stream other internet TV that is locked to its own country. Overplay Smart DNS can be used on such devices as PC, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Wii, PS3, XBOX360 and more.

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Online Security

Online security is essential, especially when you have a multitude of governments, hackers, and curious onlookers who find unencrypted data an easy target to view. Overplay offers two main features: the Smart DNS and the VPN.

The Smart DNS allows for very speedy connections and many of the features you’d find with a traditional VPN, however it does not encrypt your data. This lack of encryption means you have zero speed loss, but also a greater risk of someone seeing that you’re downloading illegal TV series or viewing movies without a license. This is perfect for watching locked services like HULU and Netflix that are legal but just restricted to certain countries.

Overplay also offers a very good quality traditional VPN service that will encrypt your data and hide you from prying eyes. Using 128-bit encryption allows for speedy data transfer rates but also a decent level of security so you can enjoy browsing the internet without any worries as you will be anonymous and hidden.



The Overplay VPN software is relatively easy to install, just download the application and a few clicks later it is installed. The user interface is extremely simple and easy to use which is perfect for those who don’t require fancy features that you probably wont use. All you need to do to get online and encrypted is open up the app and then select the country that you wish to connect to (where it will make you appear you are at) and then click “connect”, it is that simple. I found the VPN software to run smoothly without any issues ans responsive, this along with the very good speed make it a great option.

Overplay VPN UI

The usability of the Overplay Smart DNS is really non-existent. After you configure your web browser or apple TV etc. then it runs automatically so you never have to worry about it again.



Overplay VPN has an excellent selection of Server locations, they have VPN servers in 48 different countries around the world and the use of over 14,000 different IP addresses. With the use of all these different IP addresses and Server locations it is extremely easy to get your anonymity back while on the net and unlock all of those sites censored by various local governments and authorities.This is becoming more and more prevalent in modern society, governments and local authorities are taking it upon themselves to determine what you can and cannot view which is most commonly motivated by their own gain and suppressing negative views to their own regime.

This is not only confined to non-western countries as you will have noticed that even certain ISP’s in the UK and USA are blocking access to porn sites unless you contact your ISP and get it unblocked. This is going to cause many arguments for husbands and wives and not to mention all of the teenagers that are going to go crazy. By using a good VPN service you will be able to bypass porn filters and watch whatever you like without having the awkward discussion with the family.

Overplay VPN Server Locations


Speed And Bandwidth

Overplay VPN claim to have very fast VPN servers which seemed to be he case while testing. I tested these guys about 12 months ago and they have improved their speed a lot since then. Overplay VPN does offer unlimited bandwidth which is a great feature so you can use the VPN servers as much as you like while you have a subscription.

When using the Overplay Smart DNS you also have unlimited bandwidth and the speed is virtually unchanged whether you are using it or not which makes it perfect for streaming video.

Overplay Speed Test

(Speed test for Overplay VPN connecting to Paris) 

Other Features

I found that the Overplay VPN service to be lacking features available to the user. There are no bells and whistles here that an advanced user might want but if you are just in the market for a straight up VPN then the Overplay VPN will be a great choice. You will be pleased to know that Overplay VPN can run on all devices and operating systems including Windows, Mac, Apple iPhone and iPads ios, Android, Linux.


The Overplay Smart DNS has no features as it has no user interface, it is just a setting change in your device.



The Support for Overplay VPN also greatly improved since testing them last time, they  came in second quickest to reply and solved the issue.  The last time I tested them they were pretty bad to be honest and there where a few bad reviews of their support but it looks like they really turned their support department around.



The basic functionality I found in my Overplay testing was satisfactory and when you balance everything out it is great service if you don’t want the bells and whistles. If you are just looking to unblock streaming sites such as Netflix then I would highly recommend the Overplay Smart DNS as it is the best value for money service to unlock those blocked services, you can buy that separately or if you purchase the VPN then you have the smart DNS included. Be warned, when using the Smart DNS service your data is not encrypted so if you are watching illegal material such as an unlicensed movie then your ISP can still know what you are watching and therefore leave yourself open to prosecution. If you are a very basic user then this is well worth considering for the simplicity and there is nothing to confuse you.

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