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Be aware of hacker attack. Mixed media

Crunchyroll Anime Website Hit by Hackers

The popular anime site Crunchyroll has just been hacked. The timing of the attack was unfortunate, as visitors who attempted to play Attack on Titan on the morning of November 4 were in for a rude shock. The hackers had created and placed a fake page on the... Read More »
Bank sign on glass wall

Hacking Group Targets Banks with ‘Silence’ Trojan Malware

A new Trojan malware known as “Silence” has been spotted by security analysts, and the teams confirmed that a group of highly trained and organized hackers is taking control of multiple bank accounts to steal millions of dollars. The attack has been confirmed to be a widespread occurrence... Read More »

Avanti Markets Suffered a Security Breach

If you’ve ever used food-dispenser kiosks at your workplace or in restaurants, chances are high that the machine was made by Avanti Markets, a major player in the field. The chances are also high the kiosk you used has been subject to a recent security breach, happening on... Read More »