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Australian Netflix Customers: Get Hundreds More Titles with this little trick.

Netflix is now setting up a lot of franchises across the world, amongst them, Netflix Australia. This is good news for all Netflix fans in Australia, but they are holding back a lot of Movies and TV series that are available to the USA customers as usual.


Is It Possible To Use VPN or Smart DNS To Gain Access To Netflix US For Those Living Outside USA?

Yes, it is possible. Geo-unblock services such as a VPN’s or a Smart DNS work in seconds and allow you to not only view geographically restricted content but also give you the anonymity you need over the web. Reports of the upcoming Australian version raise different reactions. For those un informed then it all sounds great but for those of you that know you are really getting a second rate (far less titles than USA) service it is quite disappointing to say the least, it seems we are always getting screwed.


By using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Smart DNS, you can immediately connect to the US Version of Netflix and watch every Movie and TV Series that they have. This opens up the door to watching shows like “The Walking Dead”, “Breaking Bad” and “The Blacklist” all on your Australian subscription and on multiple devices from your Smart TV to your iPad.

It’s astounding why Netflix which is looking for a huge customer base won’t show several shows even it’s in the US version. Other companies have the rights, Netflix don’t. Netflix don’t have rights to air other shows outside US. For example, Foxtel (Local Australian TV Company) has already acquired the rights to air “House of Cards” meaning that Netflix won’t be able to air it. You may want to ask if Australia is the only country experiencing these difficulties but other franchises such as Netflix Canada also have the problem of limited content. With VPN, you can access all your favourite shows with just few clicks.


What is the Difference Between a VPN and Smart DNS?

A VPN is a simple software app that can is installed on your PC, mobile device such as an iPhone or Android, and can even be installed on a compatible WiFi router. This app then encrypts all of your internet traffic and changes your broadcast location so that the Netflix severs think you are in the USA.


A Smart DNS is a service some companies offer that just changes your apparent location by routing your connection through one of their servers while connecting. Therefore, this does not encrypt your internet traffic but it offers no speed loss in your internet connection whereas the VPN will reduce your speed slightly.


Is a VPN or Smart DNS Better For Me?

Choosing between a VPN or Smart DNS service depends on what you want it for and how fast your internet download speed is.

Since Australia’s network is pretty crap in most places outside the capital cities I would definitely go for the Smart DNS. This will not give you as many options apart from streaming but this will not slow your internet download speed at all and since streaming without buffering relies on a good download speed this is the option for you. The SmartDNS offered by Overplay has a first of its kind JetSwitch to control everything from the one spot. This makes switching in between different regions as simple as a click so you can change from US content to UK content or whatever content you want.

The best option for a Smart DNS is offered by Overplay. Their sign up process is a bit weird as you have to register first (for free) then you select your package, but don’t worry as it is well worth the ordeal. You can also purchase their VPN package for a few dollars more and you get a Smart DNS included for free.

>> Click HERE to get an Overplay SmartDNS.<<


The Smart DNS Will Work on:

  • Samsung Smart TV
  • PC
  • Mac
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • Android
  • Play Station 4
  • X Box One
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Supported Router*

If you are living in an area with a good internet connection and good download speed (I would say minimum 10 Mbps download) then I would go for a Overplays VPN as you get the SmartDNS included for free as well. This way you can use it for streaming Netflix USA and also have all of the other benefits of a VPN.

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*With a supported router you can run any and all devices including any smart TV though your Overplay SmartDNS subscription. You can even set up a VPN on a router giving them all access to Netflix US and also having the added layer of encryption to surf the web anonymously and safely. To run a VPN router you need a VPN subscription first from IPVanish or Overplay and then a router with DD-WRT firmware. You can find one here.



Some of the titles NOT provided by Netflix Australia but available to Netflix USA:

• Breaking Bad
• The Walking Dead
• Grey’s Anatomy
• The Blacklist
• The 100
• Glee
• Twin Peaks
• Weeds
• Terriers
• Lilyhammer
• American Dad
• Frasier
• The Following
• The Cleveland Show
• Sherlock
• Scrubs
• Supernatural
• 30 Rock
• Parks and Recreation
• Revenge
• White Collar
• The Office
• Sons Of Anarchy
• Archer
• Wilfred
• Lie To Me
• Once Upon A Time
• Law And Order
• That 70’s Show
• Private Practice
• Damages
• Malcom In The Middle
• Trailer Park Boys
• Angel
• Roswell
• Numb3rs

For the full list of titles not available on Netflix Australia but available with a VPN or Smart DNS go here.

HOC NetflixTitles1

Some of the other content networks like Netflix that you will be able to access

• Amazon Prime
• Comedy Central
• Discovery
• Disney
• Disney Junior
• HULU Plus
• NFL Gamepass
• The Following
• Showtime
• Sherlock
• US TVNow
• VH1

For the full list of the other Content networks like Netflix that you can access with a Smart DNS or VPN Click HERE

>> Click HERE to get access.<<


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