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App to Prevent Voice Hacking Uses Smartphone Compass

It has now been established that mobile phones and other handheld devices have already overtaken conventional PCs as the medium for accessing the internet. That straightaway pits these millions of devices, smartphones or tablets open to internet security threats of all kinds. What is more critical is that... Read More »

Three-Factor Authentication for Stronger Internet Security

Three Factor Authentication, or 3FA, makes use of three authentication methods to confirm users’ identities through credentials. The three categories are typically knowledge, possession, and inheritance. Improving Security A three-factor authentication dramatically enhances internet security. This is because it is difficult and rather unlikely, all things considered, that... Read More »

What Is a VPN?

A lot of people that hear about VPN’s but don’t really know why they would need to use one in the first place but there are so many dangers on the internet these days that it is really becoming a necessity these days. A VPN (Virtual Private Network)... Read More »