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How To Hide Tor Usage

Did you know that Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) are tracking your Tor usage?

Internet Service Providers (ISP) such as Comcast, are tracking and logging people that use the Tor browser. Now the ISP’s are making a list of the people that use Tor and you can bet your bottom dollar that they will be sharing that information with others.

If you would like to hide your Tor usage from your ISP and stay off these such lists then you need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), it is just a cheap and simple software app that also has other great benefits.

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I have personally gone and tested all of the top VPN’s on the market and found NordVPN to be the best at the moment, it is extremely easy to set up (1 click) and simple to use, have a specific mode “Onion Over VPN” for Tor traffic, while also providing tons of extra features.

All you need to do is turn the VPN on, connect to a VPN server (2 clicks) before you start Tor, and then your Tor usage is hidden from everyone!

Why else use a VPN Server?

  • The VPN will encrypt all of your internet traffic so your ISP (or anyone else for that matter) can not detect if you are using Tor Browser.
  • Complete anonymity when using the internet. No one will know what you are looking at or what you are doing.
  • You can download and stream videos without restriction and anonymously.
  • You can access the restricted content such as the US versions (have the newest content and at the cheaper US price) of Netflix, HULU, Pandora, Spotify, BBCiplayer, HBOgo, etc. from ANYWHERE in the world.
  • State of the art encryption so all of your personal information, chats, emails, bank details, photos, sensitive business documents etc. are secure from theft over Wi-Fi networks. Read here how easy it is to steal your identity over Wi-Fi.
  • You can access blocked sites like Facebook and Twitter from countries where they have censored sites, schools, universities etc.
  • You can bypass blocked sites. Eg. The UK government is about to block access to certain porn sites from within the UK, by using a VPN Service you can access all of these sites freely and without your ISP knowing anything.
  • They will run on all devices including PC, MAC, Linux, iPhones, Androids and tablets.

Your risk is growing every day at an alarming rate.

By using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) you can avoid all of this by simply clicking the mouse a couple of times. A VPN is just a small software application that can be used on your computer and mobile device which will encrypt everything you do online and hide your real IP address so it appears you are located somewhere else in the world. The VPN’s are so good that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will not even know what you are doing online or downloading and uploading, they don’t even know how much bandwidth you are using and they also cannot tell if you are using Tor while using a VPN. In my testing, NordVPN came out best as they had excellent performance while having a strict no-logs policy for increased anonymity.

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  1. dO YOU HAVE THE VPN installed on each computer I use or can it be installed through the wifi to cover all my computers at home- How about my Roku 3. Thanks Harold

  2. I use IPVanish and it’s great, however, sometimes it disconnects from the server when I’m using TOR. Does this make me suddenly visible? I use the “kill switch” feature, which I believed keeps me hidden, but does anyone know if this is the case?

    • Thanks for the comment whiz.
      There are tons of options.
      You can try out ProtonVPN and OperaVPN.
      But the thing is, they can’t protect your privacy, data or unlock websites as a paid VPN service can.
      If you just want to see if a VPN service is beneficial for you then you should try a free VPN.
      However, if you want to do serious work while you are connected to a VPN service, then a paid VPN service is the way to go.

      • What are all these terrorist fuks doing asking you “sir help me steal money” “please, only enough need to buy pc”
        “Can Muhaamed become a hack study Jedi mind student from under you ” haha. Shot cracks me up. But I love how you’re dedicated enough to respond even to the most ridiculous.. Thsnkdman for your Q&A. Even though though not to happy you won’t take me into your secret “MeTeachYouToHackMyMoney” program that obviously exists bc you sell vpn sw…. Haha

        • Thanks for the comment JabRuAhTon.
          It happens sometimes.
          Some users, especially in certain countries, are relatively new to the internet and hence use the comments section for all sorts of things.
          We (the team here) just try to help them as much as can without actually doing what they think is best for them.

    • Thank you for the comment Fetty wap,
      No we can’t.
      First because that’s not what this forum is about.
      Secondly, it is not nice to hack someone for money.

    • Thank you for the comment Smag,
      learn programming.
      There are so many free resources on the internet.
      After that, come back here and we’ll guide you further.

    • Thank you for the comment soldier,
      you don’t have to join the dark web in order to do something great.
      Believe it or not, but the more predictable way of doing something great is to go to a school.
      Get a degree.
      And then get a job.
      Then move forward from there.
      You don’t really need money to learn because most of the things are free on the internet.
      If you don’t have the money to buy an internet subscription then go to your local library where the internet is usually free.

    • Thank you for the comment Chen.
      If you study in a school then perhaps it is not advisable for you to visit dark web on your own.
      We would recommend that you contact an adult in your school and tell them about your problem.
      And yes, it is highly likely that your school computer administrator is probably watching what you do on the internet.

    • Thank you for the feedback Florentino.
      If you want to learn what “hack science” is all about, we would advise you to learn how to program first.
      Learn any language.
      Python, Javascript, Java, PHP are all good languages to start with.

    • Thank you for the feedback Florentino.
      And no.
      We can’t form a group of hackers.
      We can help you with your privacy needs though.

    • Thank you for the feedback Brian.
      No we can’t.
      That isn’t nice in the first place.
      Secondly, it might get you in trouble with law enforcement authorities.

  3. Interested in purchasing items that normally be in May place around the world consider illegal. Would like small bulk to start. I am one person attached to no other organization. I’m not sure how blatant I can speak about on this forum. If I was sure it is safe to speak freely about what I want, I would. Can you assure these folks can accept truth without running to authorities?? Tell me how, where to go so that I may ho0efullyattach to the proper people I can order a what I need,
    Mario Smeriglio 651-528-6933 (USA)

    • Thank you for the feedback Mario.
      We don’t know what you are talking about mate.
      But if you want to know how to hide your Tor usage then read the guide we have for you above.

        • Hi man.
          Thanks for the comment.
          Our research shows that it is an average VPN service provider as far as anonymity is concerned.
          It is also average if you want to unblock websites with it.
          You can use it.
          But don’t do anything sensitive while connected to HotSpotShield.

    • Thank you for the feedback.
      Millimanny, you should learn some skills. Any skill would do.
      Once you do, go to a website like and start applying to jobs.
      Learning how to program or how to write is a skill that you can learn if you want suggestions.

    • Thank you for the comment Alex.
      We would suggest you keep reading sites like the one you are on right now.
      And learn a bit of coding.
      And a bit of maths.

    • Thank you for the comment Afridi.
      Unfortunately, we can’t help you with that at the moment.
      However, we can tell you how to be safe from some one trying to hack your WiFi password.
      Use a VPN service.

  4. I know it’s Illegal to buy things on the Deep/ Dark web, but is it illegal to simply brows products and services? Also, what kinds of software should I buy/ download before going onto the Deep/ Dark Web? I know I need a VPN and an IP scrambler. Sorry if I sound stupid for asking, lol. I’m new to talking Deep/ Dark Web topics.

    • Thank you for the comment Jack.
      You are spot on for the most part.
      But you will need to use the Tor browser to go to the Dark Web.
      You’ll also need to know a few addresses.
      That you can easily find via Google.
      The legality of you browsing some products and services depends on the kind of services and products you are browsing.
      You don’t need to buy anything.
      You only need to download the free Tor browser.

    • Thanks for the comment.
      Download and install Tor Browser.
      Then search for some dark web addresses on Google/bing/duckduckgo

    • Thanks for the comment Amirreaz.
      Depends on what type of work you are engaging in.
      For sensitive tasks like banking you should use a VPN service.
      If you want to unlock a streaming site or any video that is not playing in your country, then turn on a VPN.
      At other times, you may want the fastest possible surfing experience.
      In that case, turn the VPN off because it does slow down your internet connection somewhat.

      • Hey I have a question. What happens if you dont use the vpn like why would I need one for tor as it is such a “trusted” and totally not suspicious network provider.

        • Thanks for the comment Gonic.
          Tor is great.
          But sometimes, governments and internet service providers can ban access to Tor.
          For those times you need a VPN service.
          Sometimes, you don’t want your internet service provider to know that you are using Tor.
          In that case, you will also need a VPN service.
          Other times, your adversary maybe so capable that he/she is able to monitor your traffic at entry and exit Tor nodes.
          There too you will need a VPN service to make sure that hacker doesn’t get to see anything.

  5. Good day
    I would like to know if cyberghost can work with Tor to surf dark web cos i currently use one and it has no option of ” Kill Switch” . So what should i do in this situation?

    • Thanks for the comment Judas.
      CyberGhost does work with Tor.
      All you have to do is install Cyberghost, connect to an anonymizing server and THEN turn on the Tor browser.
      But you have to keep in mind that this will slow down your internet connection’s speed a lot.
      Tor already comes with double encryption.
      If you add a VPN on top of that, you will experience some really slow speeds.

  6. To hacking is simple is no easy making very much breathing from swing the karang on the people and have his money. Dark alley same like vpn but no cost these monies. If you wear sweat hoodie, draw tight around face, while surf to web, protec you 100 percent from police. Do you agree?

  7. Sorry if I sound stupid. But, unfortunately you can’t help a retarded Indian free the mind. Like, any help out there? connected to a cheap private work for a $10 monthly loginstalled rok u stuff Zombie? Buddy?! someone? dong. Peace. Out.

    • Thanks for the comment kq.hwqego,
      We’re not sure if we agree with the content of your comment, but do use the comments again to let us know any questions.

  8. I need to download the browser so I can find an get electronic devices that are safe from unwanting eyes, could you please send or place me in the right place to do so? Thank you

    • Thanks for the comment Rafay.
      Currently we don’t have any openings. But you are free to go to places such as to find work at any given time.

    • Thanks for the comment Zak.
      The fact that you are Moroccan should not have anything to do with you wanting to learn how to hack.
      In other words, there is no need to divulge your personal information on the internet without reasonable cause.
      There is no point in learning how to hack.
      It is way more lucrative to go to sites like and start learning.

    • Thanks for the comment MR.X.
      We can’t provide information of that type.
      Even if there was a way, it would not be a sustainable way to make a living.

  9. The way indians are all over everything in a negative way ,???? like ants all over just askn bulshit my friends kindly do reserch about asking relevant questions..fkz

    • Hi there Damu.
      Since you wrote this comment, we are assuming you have a computer machine and an internet connection.
      So go to coursera or to go upwork to start earning.

      • What is with all the questions about hacking? And all the people that think they can hack any computer in the world after reading a single article?

        • Lolwat, thanks for the comment.
          You have to understand that a lot of readers could come from the third world. Africa, Asia, Russia, China, these are places with millions of people who have just come to the internet.
          And because of that, they don’t really know how the internet works or how asking questions on a website’s comments section works.
          We’re just trying our best to guide them somewhere productive.
          Of course, they could be trolls.
          But let’s be positive.

    • Broadsword, thanks for the comment.
      A VPN isn’t necessary per se.
      The Tor browser is pretty much what one needs to access the dark web.
      However, when it comes to the internet, it is always better to be safe than sorry.
      Hence, the need for a VPN service.

  10. You either have it
    1. Installed on all devices


    2. Get a VPN router and just have it on that and it will cover all devices connected to it.

    • Thanks for the comment DS.
      There is the internet and there is the dark web.
      So how does someone get a link for the internet?
      In other words, download the Tor browser and search for various onion addresses on the internet.

    • Thanks for the comment there Hamid.
      You don’t join the darkweb. It is just a place.
      You go to the darkweb.
      You can be useful to the darkweb by not filling it with illegal things.

    • Hi Adria,
      Thanks for the comment.
      It is totally safe.
      Of course, it depends on what you want to do.
      If you want to get in trouble, you will get in trouble.
      This also holds true for the normal web.

    • Hi tory,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Pepe is a great defender, why would anyone want to hurt him?
      And dark web is not going to help with that.

  11. from nigeria,,,,how can i use my office ip with my home internet to have access to my office websiite for me to login from home….thank you in advance

  12. I enjoyed reading every single comment,haven’t had so much fun in a while. Hope you don’t get out of lines and get tired of answering the guys.

  13. So as far as I understand, VPN is just a tool that can help you stay protected right? And it’s only up to others if they will use it to do bad things right?
    I have a question since I am a new learner,
    About IPVanish, is it a VPN?

  14. How can i join dark web yet am not from the states, and do I need to look for the amount in dollars in order to access the service of VPN.

  15. I have a few questions , if you don`t mind ?

    TOR is an anonymous browser. Ok I get that
    IPVanish will encrypt to prevent anyone from even knowing what ( or when ) you download anything.

    Australia wants to bring in federal encryption laws under the guise national security ( anti – terrorist measures)

    Is IPVanish effective in Australaia at the moment , and for how long do you think it would continue to be ?
    Can IPVanish be deted by your service provider ?
    It seems to me that it can.

    • Hi there Harry.
      IPVanish does work in Australia.
      And our research shows that along with NordVPN it is the safest VPN the industry has to offer.
      As for how long?
      That’s anyone’s guess.
      With quantum computers on the horizon, who know how long current encryption implementations can last.

  16. hi M Z.
    i want to learn every thing about hack,crack,code.etc.
    and if you want to say hack is bad dont do it, hack is exaclly what I want. could you please help me???you,not the other sites.

  17. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (:
    im new. i just want be hacker. but what is the first step fo be hacker???
    pleaseeee help me please
    thank u 😀

    • Hi Ayda.
      thanks for the comment.
      You want to know the first step for real?
      Go to coursera or EdX and type ‘cryptography’.
      That should get you going.

    • Hi Mark Jefferson.
      Thanks for the comment.
      But your name suggests to us that you should not have a problem in understandig that Dark Web is not a person.
      At least not the type of person you can say Hi to.
      It is a place that you want to stay away from if you are doing anything productive in your life.

    • Hi Sorry can’t tell you.
      What do you want to talk about?
      To start things off, we would like to inform you that 90 percent of the stuff that is going to matter in your life is on the normal web.
      The deep dark web is mostly filled with junk and criminal stuff.
      You don’t want that.

  18. any guide to completely hide my mobile from google. and I also want to change identity and location after every hour. please guide. waiting

    • Hi Faisal.
      thanks for the comment.
      We do not think there is a way to do that apart from making a new Google profile every hour.
      And even that might not work if you do not make use of a good VPN service.
      Google does not like people changing their identities this quickly.
      Usually they have a set period which you should check out by going to their help pages.
      If you want to hide everything from Google then there is really one way to do it and that is by giving up all Google products.
      Even that might not work since Google along with Amazon now offer web hosting services so you may never know which website that you are visiting at a given moment is working with Google and/or Amazon.

    • Hi M S,
      Thanks for the question.
      The real question that you should ask yourself is why?
      There is not that much money in it.
      If you make the same sort of effort learning real software engineering or even machine learning then it would be much better for you as a contributing member of the society.

  19. Hi, in your list of darkweb sites, I noticed a website about finding the real truth of things around the world, however the website failed to know, can you by any chance suggest other ones. and I am definitely pleased with the way you reply every single comment here no matter if they make sense or not

    • Hi Arman.
      We appreciate that.
      What do you mean when you say ‘finding the real truths of things around the world’?
      Maybe then we can help you beter.

  20. I don’t care if the government knows I’m using tor. It’s encrypted and it’s not illigal, so I should be fine. What else is the government going to do about me using tor anyways since it’s completely legal?

    • Hi RandomGuy.
      Thanks for the comment.
      That is exactly the message here.
      If you are not doing anything illegal you do not need to worry about anyone knowing that you are making use of Tor.
      Tor is not illegal.
      So there is no point in discussing that.

    • Hi there Momo.
      So, the thing is, we do not really deal in the business of selling souls.
      Go to Youtube or something and search for it there.

  21. Hello M Z.

    I sure hope you can help me.

    I was diagnosed with C-PTSD two years ago due to extensive, continuous, catastrophic traumas, so my brain often has difficulty comprehending/assimilating and articulating information, even more so when confused, pressured or flustered.

    Access Dark Web Marketplaces –
    Need the simplest directions to make that happen.

    Every time I read the various sets of directions, even looking at your sites explanations and simplistic drawing: Computer -> VPN -> TOR -> ANONYMITY….
    I get confused.
    I’ve downloaded several TORS and ONION Apps from Apple Store, and via Google, then attempted to download VPN’s …
    But become completely overwhelmed/confused with HOW the TOR and VPN connect/interact,
    which one opens/comes first, since I’ve tried at least six times to reach a marketplace …..yet never coming close…
    I remain a seriously frustrated Dark Web Virgin….never getting past first base….lol.

    I just need a basic step by step set of directions.
    1. Download VPN
    2. Download TOR
    3. Open TOR Browser (or VPN)
    4. Use these Search Words – Sites
    5 Open BitCoin Acct- (which one, how that works)
    6. Marketplace Sites
    7. Etc, Etc.

    Brief explanation of the interchange.

    Ipad (preferred)
    MS Laptop

    Q: Do any steps require a particular IOS or work better on a certain platform?

    I would BE VERY Grateful for some feedback and help.

    Thank you.

    (S.F. CA)

  22. on earth do you join the dark web..i done a whole lot of crap..but it still doesn’t don’t wanna pay for anything asap

    • Hi Zemar.
      Get a job. That is the easiest way to make money.
      To be a hacker, take some courses either on Udemy or coursera.

    • Hi Angel.
      Thanks for the comment.
      Which portion?
      There is nothing useful on the dark web despite what some media sources tell you.

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