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Australia’s Proposed Cybercrime Law Targets Tech Companies

The Assistance and Access Bill 2018 is the title given to a new piece of legislation that the Australian government has introduced. It will become law in about a month’s time when the consultation period is ended. The essence of this new legislation is that the government, represented... Read More »

More Websites are Now Switching to HTTPS

A new milestone in internet history was reached in February, as half of the internet traffic is now encrypted using HTTPS. This is according to a recent report by Mozilla, the developers of the Firefox web browser, which shows that the average volume of unencrypted web traffic is... Read More »

How To Keep Hackers And Spies At Bay

Businesses all over the world are using different methods to keep hackers at bay. There are many incidents that can expose a business to hackers. For example, sharing crucial information about the business on Wi-Fi networks that are not protected by VPN (Virtual Private Network). Loss of data... Read More »