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pizzahut hacked

Pizza Hut Victim of Hacking

The Pizza Hut restaurant chain is warning customers that hackers might have accessed the company’s data in what they classify as a “temporary security intrusion.” The data breach lasted for 28 hours and was carried out from the morning of October 1 to mid-day October 2. However, officials... Read More »

HBO Hackers Demand Ransom to Stop Leaking Stolen Data

A group of hackers who claim to have made away with data from HBO servers in July have dumped a second set of files online, including a ransom video. The group, represented by a “Mr. Smith” handle, requests over $6 million worth of Bitcoin in order to stop... Read More »
yahoo homepage

Yahoo Notifies Users of Potential Account Breach

Multi-media giant Yahoo isn’t holding back about the gravity of its recent data breach. The company has come clean that as many as one billion user accounts have been affected. To date, it is the largest data breach of a single company, as measured by the number of... Read More »