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The young dangerous hacker breaks down government services by downloading sensitive data and activating viruses. A man uses a laptop computer with many monitors.

11-Year-Old Boy Hacked a Mock Election Website

The U.S. electoral system may not be as safe as is presumed. During the recent 2018 DEF CON hacker conference, one 11-year-old, Emmett Brewer, was able to alter the election results on a mock Florida election site. What is even more astonishing is that Brewer, who hails from... Read More »
Word WPS3 in metal blue carried by several people on shiny wet metal floor 3D illustration

New WPA3 Security Protocol Is Finally Official

It’s after a full five-month period that the new security protocol for Wi-Fi, WPA3, has been released. The protocol was initially revealed to the public at large in January 2018. The wireless protocol that governs the designing and operations of Wi-Fi products is the property of an autonomous... Read More »
VPN Network security computer concept : Programmer control VPN icon from smart phone for protection in data center , abstract technology background

What Are Some of the Best Things You Can Do with a VPN?

In today’s context, Virtual Private Networks have turned into an essential gadget for accessing the internet or seamlessly streaming online content using your PC or laptop. If you have regular internet connectivity in your home or office, the service provider has installed a Wi-Fi modem through which you... Read More »
Blockchain Strategy

Can Blockchain Technology Help Boost Internet Privacy?

For the average user, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to navigate the internet without grappling with the threat of losing access to their private data, being watched by the government or having a hacker take control of their computer. All three of these activities are on the... Read More »
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Google Adding ‘DNS over TLS’ Support to Android

The internet is rapidly growing as one of the most commonly used commodities by the people on this planet. The recent boom in technology has paved the way for a rapid increase in the use of computers, smartphone devices and other such machines that use the internet in... Read More »

Protect Your Internet Privacy Against Trackers

Every time users log onto a website, various parties are on hand to track habits, browsing, and shopping patterns. This poses a serious internet privacy issue since no one wishes for their private activities to be tracked by third party or software. Cyber criminals and hackers employ various... Read More »

Different Ways To Make Your VPN More Secure

By default, VPNs provide excellent anonymity and security, but that does not mean they are 100% impervious. There is still more you can do if you want to be utterly secure. Below are a few tested and tried ways to ensure your protection and privacy. Change the VPN... Read More »

Toughen Your Browser For Online Security

The world we live in is more connected than ever before and this makes things extremely easy for us. Think about it. Everything from shopping for groceries to carrying out bank transaction is done through your browser. However, these connections are two way and make us more vulnerable... Read More »

VPN Benefits: Security And Anonymous Surfing

Privacy on the Internet is a matter of great concern because identity theft and other illegal activities are very rampant. Websites you visit, major search engines, and social media networks track and record your searches so as to serve you with relevant ads and links. Your ISP tracks... Read More »