Attention: You need to "Allow Scripts Globally" in your browser to purchase any VPN. image Review is one of the fastest growing VPN services out there right now. Their low prices and commitment to privacy have made them an instant fan favorite. It is Seychelles based but has staff around several countries. The company is fully committed towards online privacy and is a lot more transparent in its operations compared to other VPN providers out there. In this review, you will learn more about this service and discover its unique features. Review – Features/ Benefits:

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Speed does not limit speeds in any way. However, people who subscribe to more expensive plans do experience faster speeds as a result of availability of higher number of shared 1 GBPS nodes. Owing to the absence of speed restrictions, is well suited for demanding activities like torrenting, streaming, gaming, VOIP and downloading. More so, the service offers four different plans that are based on the length of your term, server access and desired speed.

Privacy and Security

This service put user privacy and security first. Their 4096-bit RSA keys used for OpenVPN tunnels are usually changed every hour to prevent any kind of decryption. On the other hand, during the sign-up process only a password and an email address are required hence you don’t need to provide your name or your physical address. As for logging, they have absolutely no logs. More so, for privacy and security reasons, they don’t keep connection logs like most VPN providers often do. This means that they don’t log your websites visited, software you are running, internet usage or protocols you use. What more, you have the freedom to order a custom made VPN that meets your privacy and security needs.

Usability is easy to use even for first time users. When you choose and pay for your package, you are given VPN credentials and all other necessary details such as configuration files, a list of ports and IPs and certificates so you can easily configure your client or system. What more, the process of signing up is easy and very fast compared to most VPN providers. However, in case you have difficulties understanding how to use this service, their customer service staff is always there to help.


This service hosts more than 200 servers across 41 different countries. And fortunately all these servers can be used with all major VPN protocols including OpenVPN, IPsec / L2TP and PPTP on both mobile and desktop. One unique advantage of servers is the fact that one can easily switch between server locations at any moment but only within the VPN gateways available within your VPN plan. Additionally, this server network makes it easy to unblock a variety of On-Demand streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, DMAX, ABC iView, Amazon Prime, TV Japan, USA Network, Eurosport, MTV, Pandora, NBC, Netflix, TV Tokyo, and Fox from any place in the world.

Mobile Apps offers a mobile app called Safejumper for connecting to the private network of choice. The app can be installed on Linux, Windows, Android or Mac and iOS based systems. In addition, the app is easy to use and install even for the most novice user. This app provides users with faily basic options such as UDP / TCP port configuration, saving configuration and choice of location of VPN server. Safejumper also has System Tray shortcuts that offer faster shortcuts to check logs, Connect/Disconnect and so on and displays VPN server information like the current load percentage.

With this App, you can enable internet kill-switch, auto reconnect in case your connection drops, disable IPV6 connections to prevent identity leaks, launch Safejumper automatically on startup and even auto-connect in case you feel that your wireless network is not secured.

Customer Support

The company provides 24/7 customer support. You can therefore contact their customer care team through the online form available at the company website at any time or day of the week. Their minimum response time ranges from 4 hours to a maximum time of three business days. However, urgent queries are usually answered within minutes. On the other hand, if this doesn’t help the company has a very wide selection of well written guides for troubleshooting connections and setting up on all devices and platforms where you can get help. Their customer service teams have a great and comprehensive knowledge and are very friendly when it comes to assisting you.

Compatibility VPN support various protocols such as L2TP, OpenVPN and PPTP hence its compatibility. Although this service appear to concentrate its efforts on the key desktop platforms (Linux, Windows 8 and 7, Windows XP and Vista and Mac OS X Snow, Tiger and Leopard), it is fully compatible with Xbox 360, Android, IBM AIX, Blackberry, PlayStation 3, Windows Phone, Solaris servers, iPhone, DD-WRT, iPad or Cisco routers as well as some home management systems, TV, car and GPS. The service is also compatible with browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari.


Overall, in this review it is clear that is an established VPN provider. Therefore, compared to other VPN providers out there, this company provides basically all of the features any VPN user would want at a great price. So, if you are only looking for easy to use software with lots of useful extra features and servers in many locations so you can remain anonymous, then you should consider this provider.

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