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Best VPN For Streaming

Best VPN For Streaming

streamingDue to copyrights agreements, streaming media providers such as Netflix, Pandora and Hulu cannot broadcast all contents outside USA. This makes content to be available in some areas and limited in others. As a result, many movies and shows cannot be viewed by users in Canada, UK, Australia, Asia and Europe. Watching contents in such countries can only be possible by using a VPN that reads the user login address tracing it to its country of origin. This is very advantageous to travelers who wish to login to websites while away from their home country. 1367833235Besides viewing content from different geographical locations, a VPN enables you to hide your actual address while also encrypting all of your internet traffic. Any website visited will neither detect your IP address nor your location. They will see a false location and IP address. What’s more is that only encrypted information will be viewed by your ISP. By encrypting your internet traffic you hide everything that you download and upload, not even your ISP will know what you are downloading or uploading. You don’t have to worried about torrents any more. Finally, employees who wish to bypass their company’s firewall security can use a VPN to do so. Firewalls may be put by employers to hinder employees from accessing specific websites while still at work. An employee is able to get around this using a VPN and other attempts at censorship. Whether a VPN helps you stream by unlocking content or hiding your identity for protection purposes, you should consider getting a VPN. Bearing that in mind, below are the 5 best VPN’s for streaming.


Firstly we would like to mention that OverplayVPN works with Netflix. This means that if you use OvrplayVPN and then access Netflix through a browser then you can unlock the Netflix USA or any other country. With OverplayVPN you also get a SmartDNS and this will also unlock Netflix when using the Netflix app.
Overplay has set up nice client software with guides on how to connect manually allowing you to connect easily to any VPN server. Overlay has SmartDNS that allow the user to stream sites like BBC and Netflix coverage irrespective of the geographical location. SmartDNS is different from the VPN as it doesn’t include encryption. SmartDNS is about half the price of VPN, and it assists in accessing blocked information by running the DNS on their server. However, for maximum privacy Overplays full VPN is the recommended option. The prices depend on whether you are accessing Overplays’ full VPN or the SmartDNS. For only $4.95 every month, SmartDNS will provide the option of accessing blocked sites such as Netflix. On the other hand, members who sign up for the unlimited VPN will pay $7.46 every month (Use Code “PREMIERLEAGUE” for 15% Discount.) to get free SmartDNS access. netflix-logo The Overplay team manages 140 servers in 60 countries and 75 locations around the world while SmartDNS is present in several countries as well. They have multiple server locations in countries such as United States and United Kingdom. Members have the ability to connect to any location and switch servers any time. The level of privacy and security is selected depending on whether you desire encryption. Overplay members are provided with a wide range of protocols that include PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. This provides a good balance of compatibility and security a comprehensive operating system.

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IP Vanish mix of value and speed makes it top of the list. IPVanish contains one of the rigid server networks that are installed in more than 60 countries. This offers a diverse streaming network with the fastest network being in Northern America and various locations in Europe and beyond. IPVanish is a tier-1 provider which enables it to manage its own network giving it a cost advantage over other companies in addition to excellent performance and reliability. Easy to use client software is an essential consideration in any VPN. IPVanish is the leader with main clients being Mac, Linux and Windows. They also create mobile apps for Android and iOS.facebook_share_thumb_default_hulu IPVanish guarantees optimal security by supporting L2TP, Open VNP and PPTP protocols for as little as $6.49 a month in addition to with bandwidth features. Members are given plenty of utime to test the service since each purchase comes with a 7-day money back guarantee. IPVanish have a NO LOGS policy which is optimal for anonymity as none of your internet usage will be logged. Its compatibility with other devices makes it an optimal alternative to consider whenever streaming is concerned. With guaranteed security, it becomes easy to stream your favorite shows on Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go and also all other P2P streaming services others.

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>> Click here to visit the IPVanish official site.<< is an offshore VPN provider that offers cheap, easy to use VPN that emphasizes on user privacy. If you are looking for true anonymity, this service provider provides strong encryption systems and a not “logging policy”. is present on five continents with more than 200 servers in over 40 different countries. These servers are compatible with major VPN protocols such as PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN on all major OS both mobile and desktop. This provider offers configuration and support guides for devices running Android, Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X and also some home appliances such as Sony PlayStation and Xbox. provides a CGI Proxy that enables users to browse anonymously, embedding the sites on the script page of In terms of pricing, this provider offers three different VPN packages namely “Quick”, “Basic” and “Solid”. All provide similar key functionality with varying bandwidth available to members depending on the package chosen. The Quick VPN package is sold at $2.00 in 72-hour units. The Solid package is more aligned with what is offered with IPVanish and Overplay and starts at a monthly cost of $10.

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boleh vpnBolehVNP is a top VPN provider that provides IP changer services and encryption in addition to seedbox hosting, VoIP and game hosting. BolehVNP does not communicate with the customer’s database making them 100% independent. It never logs a user’s activities guaranteeing the complete privacy of users browsing information. BolehVHP is compatible with Android and iOS powered mobile devices as well as Max, Linux and Windows operating systems. BolehVNP seedbox hosting feature allows access to private servers so as to secure uploading and downloading digital files and greater speed when compared to the standard internet connection. Game hosting enables the creation of secure and private server for a certain number of games. VoIP is perfect for securing your Mumble voice chat server. When used for mobile devices, information is encrypted and cannot be traced by third parties even when using an unsecured Wi-Fi spot. Also, there is no bandwidth limitation, and members are eligible to various free gifts and bonuses. Both 3 and 7-day trial packages are available at BolehVNP. A 1-day free trial package is available is some cases. Full subscribe packages are available $9.99 per month. 

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Pure-280This is the oldest VPN provider being in the market since 2007. Having been in the market for a longer time has helped PureVPN expand and innovate. It has one of the markets best clients. PureVPN offers free apps for both Android and iOS. Android smartphones users can make the best use of PureVPN since it protects the android devices against malware and hackers. PureVPN also allows android users to have access to blocked channels and websites. With the PureVPN android app, watching movies and TV shows on streaming services and channel is easy. When compatibility is concerned, PureVPN provides tutorials on how to operate the VPN service on android phones. Of the many VPN service providers, PureVPN stands out because of its innovation. The service provider has continued to add new specs and add on to its service. NAT firewall which is a dedicated IP address and Stealth VPN browser can be added to help speed up your performance when browsing. PureVPN is available in 87 countries having 480 servers. Its protocols include SSTP, L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN. Your access to Netflix, Hilux, Vudu, Crackle and Pandora are unblocked byPureVPN’s unlimited bandwidth. PureVPN subscriptions are $9.95 per month.

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Proper planning, analysis, testing and documentation are essential before making a choice on the VPN to use. Part of the planning and documentation is by getting a VPN security policy. The security policy will outline things such as who can use the VPN, what the VPN can be used for and how the users can be restricted from using it maliciously or improperly. While choosing a VPN service provider, remember not to fall into the geography trap by assuming that a VPN outside your country is more reliable than one in your country. A local VPN that does not keep logs is more reliable than an overseas VPN that does not guarantee privacy and that logs everything. It is highly recommended that you choose a VPN that does not affect your internet speed. Also, consider a service provider that has a helpful and quick service customer team that operates 24/7.

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