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Digital Business and Technology concept, Virtual screen showing DATA BREACH.

Nearly 6.5 Million Users Affected in SHEIN Data Breach

In a shocking case of a cyberattack lasting a whole of two months and more, hackers appear to have stolen personal data belonging to millions of customers of an online retail giant in the United States. SHEIN, the affected company, has put out a statement admitting that information... Read More »
Close-up Frame from the Back of Working Hacker Organizing Advanced Virus Attack on Corporate Servers. Place is Dark and Has Multiple displays.

Notorious Hacking Group Launches New Campaign

An infamous group of Ukrainian hackers in Cobalt Group (also known as FIN7 and Carbanak Group) are launching a string of new hacking attacks on banks. The group is reported to have stolen more than a billion dollars from banks in the past few years. According to authorities,... Read More »
The young dangerous hacker breaks down government services by downloading sensitive data and activating viruses. A man uses a laptop computer with many monitors.

11-Year-Old Boy Hacked a Mock Election Website

The U.S. electoral system may not be as safe as is presumed. During the recent 2018 DEF CON hacker conference, one 11-year-old, Emmett Brewer, was able to alter the election results on a mock Florida election site. What is even more astonishing is that Brewer, who hails from... Read More »
Business espionage hacker stealing corporate information or government surveillance privacy violation

Entertainment Agency ‘Goliath and Goliath’ Got Hacked

South African entertainment agency Goliath and Goliath is the latest victim of a malicious cyberattack. The hackers reportedly stole about R 300,000 through an email scam, as well as stealing an additional R 20,000 from the agency’s subsidiary, PR Bailiff. According to a statement from one of the... Read More »
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Taylor Cryptocurrency Trading App Hacked, $1.5M Stolen

Taylor, a cryptocurrency trading app, is the latest victim of a catastrophic cyberattack that took place a few weeks ago. It is now being reported that the hack resulted in the loss of more than 2,500 ETH, all collectively valued at around $1.5 million. Furthermore, this startup platform... Read More »
Close up of man in a suit showing printed Twitter logo.

John McAfee Reveals his Twitter Account was Hacked

The cyber security pioneer John McAfee just revealed that his Twitter account had been subject to a cyber attack. According to a tweet from McAfee, his account had been hacked for running the “coin of the day” series in order to promote less popular cryptocurrencies. In addition to... Read More »
public WiFi hotspot

Man Lost Bitcoins Worth Over $100K via Public WiFi Network

Recently, a man lost over 100,000 Bitcoins while having his dinner in a local restaurant. The incident reportedly took place in Innsbruck, Austria where nearby hackers managed to steal Bitcoins worth around $117,000 from the man’s digital wallet while he used the restaurant’s public wireless network. By hacking... Read More »