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Business espionage hacker stealing corporate information or government surveillance privacy violation

Entertainment Agency ‘Goliath and Goliath’ Got Hacked

South African entertainment agency Goliath and Goliath is the latest victim of a malicious cyberattack. The hackers reportedly stole about R 300,000 through an email scam, as well as stealing an additional R 20,000 from the agency’s subsidiary, PR Bailiff. According to a statement from one of the... Read More »

Cyber-Espionage behind Game of Thrones Phishing Campaign

A few weeks to the much-anticipated Game of Thrones season finale, the security researchers at Proofpoint have spotted a Chinese cyber criminal group trying to lure fans into downloading malware through corrupted documents sent through email. The group was using two episodes from HBO’s popular Game of Thrones... Read More »

8 Google Chrome Extensions Compromised

Seven more Google Chrome extensions have been added to the list of potentially hacked programs ever since the initial hack of Copyfish at the beginning of this month. According to a report made by the cyber security firm Proofpoint, hackers have taken over these browser extensions with the... Read More »

Beware! New Phishing Technique Targets Facebook Users

The latest phishing trend narrows its target to Facebook users, through a process called URL padding. Security experts note that the hacking technique specifically aims to infiltrate mobile phones using the social network. This particular phishing practice involves making deceptive links look like legitimate ones. Users then click... Read More »