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Can Blockchain Technology Help Boost Internet Privacy?

Blockchain Strategy
With decentralized blockchain technology, it’s easier to maintain internet privacy and safeguard yourself against data theft or hacking attempts.

For the average user, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to navigate the internet without grappling with the threat of losing access to their private data, being watched by the government or having a hacker take control of their computer.

All three of these activities are on the rise this year. And after all, the average person does not likely possess the technical knowledge to understand what goes on behind the screen when they open a link.

Increasingly, hackers are taking control of computers and gathering essential data with the help of ransomware and malware.

These hackers will often enter a system by sending virus links embedded in an email message that appears safe to open.

However, it is important you know that while hacking attempts are becoming more and more sophisticated, so are the ways to defend yourself against them.

And using blockchain technology is considered one of the safest ways to browse the web these days, as it provides boosted protection for your internet privacy.

If you are running a business or hold an important position in a company or would simply like to safeguard your privacy against online threats, it’s essential to make sure you understand what the technology is, how it works and how it can help secure your internet privacy.

Origin of the Technology

While the technology has been around for a very long time, it was originally used only by tech experts and hackers who valued their internet privacy more than the average user.

But when digital currencies (namely, Bitcoin) became popular, blockchain was widely distributed using this system so as to enable users to safely store their cryptocurrencies and make purchases with complete anonymity instead of using the standard payments system, which is monitored by third parties without users’ knowledge.

Ever since then, it is being used by information technology firms, small and large companies, and several other industries to enhance cybersecurity.

How Can It Secure Your Internet Privacy?

When compared to the regular internet people use on a daily basis, blockchain refers to an Internet-based system that is neither stored anywhere nor shared by a single party.

Instead, it belongs to a distributed network which connects millions of users at the same time and shares data between them in an anonymous manner.

Unlike the World Wide Web, which has centralized servers implemented by huge organizations and monitored by the governments every minute, this technology enables people to share information as well as connectivity in a highly secure environment.

The internet privacy and security of users are assured because it uses cryptography technology in order to avoid any third-party security agency or hacker from gaining access to the data that is being transferred between millions of users.

Multiple chains are linked together in order to form these networks, which effectively safeguard users’ internet privacy.

However, they are completely verified on different levels with a private key, a public key and a receiver’s key.

When these keys match, it can be confirmed that the information is coming from an identified sender and that the data being shared is verified to have the intended content and not a spyware or ransomware.

Once these steps have been met, the data can be distributed within the network.

Every time a user needs to communicate, they should verify their own key and one for the chain they are adding to the network.

This technology is considered better and more secure because it requires a lot of computing power.

The majority of the internet may not be able to access it because only when their computers solve complex mathematical problems and add a verified piece of information to the platform, they will be accepted as one of the chains; and there is no way to alter or delete the content added by the user.

Decentralized System that Prevents Theft & Hacking

Internet privacy
Internet privacy and security of users must be assured

The entire concept of blockchain is built around individual user contribution, and even when they try to change a simple comma in a verified chain, it will immediately be updated in the entire network.

It’s also easier to identify at which point the change was made in case the person on the other end is a hacker trying to gain access to the system or too sensitive data.

This protection can also apply to the individual user and their own private security.

While large petabytes of data are shared using this technology, the system remains anonymous as data is never stored in a centralized location or country, which also prevents any government from controlling it.

Similarly, it also creates a barrier stopping hackers from modifying information or trying to dupe users.

A single node is enough to establish an entire network even if it gets corrupted at some point, making it a great way to prevent data theft.

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