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Access Netflix’s Global Catalog Via VPN

Netflix has taken the tech world by storm following its expansion to 130 countries. This means that video streaming service is now available in the 190 countries of the world. Netflix has an extensive library of movies, shows and television channels all with new episodes and new movies that are being added on weekly basis. Initially, travelers had a very frustrating moment whenever they travelled abroad as they could not access Netflix services. iPad, iPhone and smartphones among other mobile users that wanted their content to be fully mobile had a troublesome time doing so too. Having a good Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows one to access and choose IP address and server from a variety of VPN providers. These servers are normally located in different locations based on the VPN provider. For one to access Netflix successful, they must have a reliable internet connection with the right VPN. Slow and bad Internet connection can make Netflix streaming process nerve-wracking.

Users can now open their accounts with ease from anywhere in the world. However, this does not mean that they are guaranteed to access the latest movies and shows. A VPN allows one to get the full library of Netflix content. It also aids in boosting one’s internet connectivity in case one is in an area with poor internet connectivity and wants to watch shows and movies without any interruptions. The original content of Netflix has ploughed lots of money from different parts of the world. However, the exact catalogue for users does vary from one country to another. Netflix do curate the content depending on what is best suited for users in a certain location.

The advantage with VPN is that it is cheaper and typically costs less than $10 a month. It becomes cheaper when one pays upfront. Paying for VPN is the best thing one can do to enjoy the best and undisturbed services. Besides, it also serves as an excellent way one can enjoy maximum protection against their private information while online. It is just useful for one when surfing the global Netflix catalog.

Moreover, choosing the right VPN is ideal for enjoying maximum flexibility and anonymity. Most of them come with tiered plans that offer sorted flexibility. This means in case one is looking for an option for a particular area, and then they can find the best option that comes with good tiered plans. Another great advantage of this service is that it allows one to switch the location of their server to various countries as many times as they can.

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There are different types of VPN services that one can choose from. Among the popular leading options include the ExpressVPN, IPVanish and Hidemyass. ExpressVPN is by far one of the best VPN service trusted by most users in blocking US Netflix and get straight to the library. ExpressVPN has a well-established network of servers in the United States and numerous servers in the west and east coast. It gives the users access to over 7000 Netflix titles. It is also very easy to set up and has the best customer service. It also comes with top rated security hence one is always guaranteed the best.

IPvanish is another great VPN service that is recommended in unblocking Netflix. It comes with the fastest connection that is ideal for quick streaming. It has a 256-bit encryption that comes with standardized service plans. This means security is not an issue to worry about with this service. It is great for the new users that are a little bit intimidated by the concept of VPN software. Moreover, it is pretty simple to install and use.

Hidemyass is another pretty good VPN service is just fast, but its speed cannot be compared to that of the ExpressVPN. However, it can be a great option in case one has a difficult time in connecting to ExpressVPN. It has servers in about 151 countries from all over the world. This makes it a very massive network.

A strong VPN service provides the stamina that one needs to get entertained wherever they go. It is a reality, and it works. Speed and reliability are some of the critical factors that must be considered when looking for a reliable service. Netflix users now have something to smile about. It is time to get watching Netflix regardless of where one is located with the trending VPN service.

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