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DuckDuckGo Reaches 30 Million Daily Searches

One of the much-debated issues on practically every technology forum in the past year has been data security. While the cybersecurity experts have been discussing the matter, it possibly hit the ordinary user of the internet hard when the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal hogged media space in early 2018.... Read More »
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Global VPN Market Set to Reach $36 Billion by 2022

One of the direct impacts of increasing cyberattacks and possibly surveillance by the law enforcement agencies around the world has been the spike in demand for privacy—and there could be no better way to achieve it than through installing a Virtual Private Network (or VPN). A new report... Read More »
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Apple to Require All Apps to Have Privacy Policy

The data privacy bug is biting practically everyone out there. Though the major trigger happened to be the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica episode, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) implementation in Europe is another needle that has resulted in companies springing into action. Each organization that has operations throughout the... Read More »
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Verizon Launches Its VPN App ‘Safe WiFi’

Verizon has come up with its version of a virtual private network, “Safe Wi-Fi.” Verizon subscribers will be able to make use of this VPN service by making an additional payment of $3.99 per month to their existing plan. Though Verizon has made an official announcement on the... Read More »
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Top Best VPNs for Windows 10

Data privacy and system security are two major reasons to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). When Windows is your operating system, the need for having a VPN between your computer and your internet service provider is relevant, though it cannot be denied that Microsoft has come a... Read More »
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What Are Some of the Best Things You Can Do with a VPN?

In today’s context, Virtual Private Networks have turned into an essential gadget for accessing the internet or seamlessly streaming online content using your PC or laptop. If you have regular internet connectivity in your home or office, the service provider has installed a Wi-Fi modem through which you... Read More »
Blockchain Strategy

Can Blockchain Technology Help Boost Internet Privacy?

For the average user, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to navigate the internet without grappling with the threat of losing access to their private data, being watched by the government or having a hacker take control of their computer. All three of these activities are on the... Read More »
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Google Adding ‘DNS over TLS’ Support to Android

The internet is rapidly growing as one of the most commonly used commodities by the people on this planet. The recent boom in technology has paved the way for a rapid increase in the use of computers, smartphone devices and other such machines that use the internet in... Read More »

3 Ways to Hide your Internet Browsing History

Your internet browsing history can be viewed by your internet service provider and by trackers present on the social media sites you visit. The ISP is allowed to record all that you do online and then sell the information to advertisers or any other bidders. In this scenario,... Read More »