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Popular Mobile Apps Track Your Location and Sell Your Data

A new investigative report has further confirmed that users’ online activity is becoming an advertising central to businesses like Google and Facebook. It is not just about users’ browsing information that is revealed in front of digital advertising networks but it is also about where they are landing.... Read More »

Project Fi Offers Improved Privacy with Google-Run VPN

When it comes to data security on mobile devices, there has always been that gap where some entity between the user and the other person they are communicating with will have access to the data. It could be your mobile service provider or the carrier you have tied... Read More »

Mozilla and ExpressVPN Announce New Partnership

Leading VPN service ExpressVPN and popular internet browser developer Mozilla have announced their first long-term strategic partnership. Globally recognized as a leader in consumer VPN services, ExpressVPN will be working with Mozilla to create a better, more secure browsing experience for the open web pioneer’s minimal browser Firefox... Read More »
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10 Best VPNs to Use for Linux

The use of a virtual private network or VPN is fast becoming more of the norm than an exception. The reasons for this could be many but one that stands out is to protect the user’s privacy and to prevent any unwanted intrusion into the path of communication... Read More »
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DuckDuckGo Reaches 30 Million Daily Searches

One of the much-debated issues on practically every technology forum in the past year has been data security. While the cybersecurity experts have been discussing the matter, it possibly hit the ordinary user of the internet hard when the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal hogged media space in early 2018.... Read More »
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Global VPN Market Set to Reach $36 Billion by 2022

One of the direct impacts of increasing cyberattacks and possibly surveillance by the law enforcement agencies around the world has been the spike in demand for privacy—and there could be no better way to achieve it than through installing a Virtual Private Network (or VPN). A new report... Read More »
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Apple to Require All Apps to Have Privacy Policy

The data privacy bug is biting practically everyone out there. Though the major trigger happened to be the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica episode, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) implementation in Europe is another needle that has resulted in companies springing into action. Each organization that has operations throughout the... Read More »