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10 Best VPNs to Use for Linux

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VPNs have become a “must-have” for securing computer systems and protecting users’ privacy. Here are the top VPN service providers for the Linux OS.

The use of a virtual private network or VPN is fast becoming more of the norm than an exception.

The reasons for this could be many but one that stands out is to protect the user’s privacy and to prevent any unwanted intrusion into the path of communication between the user’s computer and the devices at the other end on the connection, whether it is a friend’s computer, a bank’s terminal or an ecommerce site.

While VPN service providers out there are a legion, you will still need to do some basic work to choose the correct one and if your device’s operating system is the open platform Linux, then you must try and get a VPN that can be directly used in its form instead of having to manually configure to suit Linux.

Here are 10 such VPN providers to choose from:

  1. IPVanish

Some of the review sites give very high marks to IPVanish VPN, thanks to a load of features you can get with this service.

To start with, IPVanish gives you excellent speed while browsing. One of the myths floated by critics is that a VPN slows down your computer.

IPVanish simply throws this myth out of the window. Whether it is download or upload, you are assured of rocking speeds.

Some of the top features include coverage in more than 60 countries; helps you while traveling. IPVanish VPN does not keep any logs of the sites and pages you visited; security at its best.

You need not worry about the encryption of data and as the name suggests, your IP address stands protected.

  1. NordVPN

NordVPN is another top-rated service provider for Linux-run devices.

You are assured of smooth access to all sites around the world. At least you won’t get the message “this service not available in your area.” This is because your IP address and therefore your location would be instantly hidden and some untraceable ID will show up at the other end.

You are therefore free from the worry of missing out on your favorite show due to geo-restrictions while traveling.

NordVPN gives you the protection from location-specific cyberattacks. You may be able to pick some great offers too for the subscription.

  1. ExpressVPN

Look for every feature that a good or great VPN can provide you and you will find all of them in ExpressVPN. Starting with the browsing speeds to perfect encryption, this VPN ranks among the best options out there for the Linux platform.

Some users may feel the charges are a little more than the alternative, but you can always take a free trial and then make an educated call if you want to continue and pay or just drop it and go to any other VPN.

Obviously, the people at ExpressVPN think a great deal about their service and have fixed the charges higher.

  1. ProtonVPN

The special thing about ProtonVPN is that it is not one of those commercial organizations trying to sell you a product. It has been the creation for some like-minded technical professionals like cryptographers and engineers.

They have positioned this VPN tool for Linux as the ideal way to protect your system and to secure your data.

  1. Pritunl Client

Pritunl Client VPN is a good match for Linux, since, like the OS, it is an open source tool and can be smoothly integrated with other open source clients to render a private network which is safe from the prying eyes of advertisers and hackers.

Go for it if you are very comfortable handling these open source platforms.

  1. TorGuard

Reviewers of this VPN for Linux describe it as military grade. This means whatever information is sent out of your machine is treated as securely as if it is a top military secret. That is the strength of this TorGuard VPN. If you are using the anonymity browser Tor, this VPN is the ideal foil to strengthen the anonymity factor through complete obfuscation of the origin of the data and their contents.

  1. AirVPN

AirVPN logo
The use of a virtual private network or VPN is fast becoming more of the norm than an exception.

AirVPN has found a place in the top 10 Linux VPNs because it has a good track record among users for giving them the level of comfort as far as the privacy and security of their data is concerned.

It passes muster on practically every parameter you would put a product like that to test; speed, a perfect encryption tunnel and so on.

  1. Buffered VPN

This VPN too has been adopted by Linux users in a big way following the realization that the service has many features in it comparable to the best out there. The immediate expectations from a VPN—secrecy, privacy and complete protection—are all offered without any hassles.

Speed while browsing has been one parameter on which Buffered VPN has invariably scored very high.

  1. Private Internet Access

Though it is appearing way down in this list of top 10 VPNs for Linux, Private Internet Access VPN service does not lack any feature as a good VPN. No logs or records of your internet activity are maintained. Even if your system were to be searched by law enforcement, they will find no trace.

  1. Zone VPN

The last in this list but can be compared to any of the VPN listed before it. It demonstrates good speed during downloading or uploading, and log-keeping is a strict no-no.

This VPN is ideal for Linux and can be installed easily. It has consistently scored high on the benchmark reviews.


  1. A great list, I just want to add another service that I think will be up there soon, – Surfshark. A minor drawback, right now they lack a Linux client and you have to set it up manually but come on, any Linux user will find it easy. The speeds are second to none and they have two exceptional features: unlimited device support and split-tunneling, haven’t seen any other VPN provide that. Might be something to follow up, I will keep an eye on the dev process.

    • Thanks for the comment SundayCities.
      SurfShark is rising pretty fast.
      We’re sure it will be up there with NordVPN in a few years.

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