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David Beckham Employs Experts to Unmask Hackers behind the Email Hack

David Beckham has hired top cyber security experts to unmask the persons behind the embarrassing email hack that has tarnished his reputation.

David Beckham has employed top cyber security experts to unmask the hackers behind a series of embarrassing emails leaks that have tainted his reputation.

The former England football star has hired Marclay Associates – a London-based cyber security firm to try and find out the persons behind hack revealing 18.6 million documents and messages.

Marclay Associates strives to rapidly respond to critical cyber security incidents to minimize damage and mitigate risk for its clients. The firm is run by Jake Hockley,
a former British Government worker who moved to the private sector in 2010.

A source close to the former football star said that his team takes this hack seriously, a statement reflected by Beckham’s hiring of this high-end cyber security firm.

The leaked emails in the hack allegedly show how desperate the former England football captain was to make sure he
was made “Sir David” – and the extents to which he would go to ensure he achieves his ambition, even if it meant using his charitable organizations.

When his campaign flunked, he allegedly hit out with a curse-littered outburst. According to his spokesman, however, the story is based on outdated content taken out of context from doctored and private emails
retrieved from third party servers that deliberately gives a skewed picture.

The emails from the recent hack were allegedly published by Football Leaks, the sport world’s equivalent of WikiLeaks.

Football Leaks was started by a group of dissatisfied Portuguese football fans to hack and expose the controversies and lies within Portuguese clubs, according to an anonymous group.

The website claims that all it wants is transparency and accountability in the world’s most popular sport. The group
claims that some clubs don’t have any respect for the fans, and that everything is a taboo, including the transfer
contracts, players’ wages, intermediates, and secret clauses. The clubs keep everything away from the public.

It is understood that the London-based cybersecurity firm has previously had success in the closing down of some Football Leaks accounts.

Some of the emails in the hack were altered to make them sound worse with an intention of tainting his image.

Sources close to the star have also reported that Simon Oliveira, his public relations adviser, has
contacted British police to help investigate the hack.

A probe has also been launched in Portugal by police officers where the hack is believed to have been done on servers of Mr. Oliveira’s Doyen Global firm. Beckham’s team has also launched investigations with police in Hungary and Spain, and are expected to work with German police as well to resolve the hack.

The hack details Beck’s angry chase of a knighthood, including how the he described the honors committee as a bunch of ****s after they overlooked him for the honor in 2013.

It also highlights how his advisers discussed aiding UNICEF in exchange for a first class flight to Cambodia in a trip as meant to showcase him as a “goodwill ambassador,” although his team has since made clear that this never happened in the end. UNICEF released its own statement on the hack, commending the star for his amazing work with the organization.

A statement on the organization’s website regarding the hack and the star reads that Beckham “has been a Goodwill
Ambassador for UNICEF since 2005, and aside from generously giving his support, time and energy to help raise funds and awareness for UNICEF’s work for kids, he has personally given significant funds.” The statement also includes examples of how David Beckham’s “The 7 Fund” helps save lives of children all over the world.

The hack contained other emails between Beckham and his team concerning the handling of the former England football captain’s public reputation and seeing to it that he still retains his image as a man of the people.

The leaked emails found their way on several leading European websites, leaving Beckham’s camp reeling from the hack.

Beckham’s team continues to insist that some of the emails in the hack were altered to make them sound worse with an intention of tainting his image.

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