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How To Get USA Netflix With A VPN

Launched in 1997 Netflix has made great strides over the years by adding more and more films and TV shows to their database library. However, streaming services of Netflix are restricted to the US, UK, South America, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, and some of the Nordic countries. In addition,... Read More »

Australia Passes Law Allowing Outright Blocking Of Websites

Earlier last month Australia decided to pass a very controversial legislation which blocks every foreign Online Piracy platforms at the ISP level. Even though there was a lot of opposition from consumer groups, Internet service providers and the Greens, that didn’t stop the Senate from passing the bill... Read More »

Silk Road Supporters Being Tracked By Feds

In another turn of events that highlights privacy violations in the U.S., a grand jury is demanding personal information pertaining to posters in the comments section of an article. Their crime? Expressing their dissatisfaction over a federal judge’s verdict by making jokes in poor taste. After Federal Judge... Read More »

Tor Users Tracked By Comcast

Every single thing you do on the web can get tracked back to the IP address you are using. Even if you are accessing encrypted sites, networks can actually see the sites you’re accessing, and the sites themselves know the IP address you are using. This is where... Read More »

Netflix Plans To Go Global

Netflix has revealed its plan to give Australians access to all its content by 2016. Subscribers in Australia are only eligible to little over 1,500 TV shows and movies currently, but implementation of the plan could see them match their US counterparts who can access up to 9,000... Read More »

Australia’s Metadata Retention Scheme

It is recently reported that Australia has found a way to legally monitor its citizens’ internet and mobile phone usage with their new metadata laws that will come into effect in 2017. The law allows law enforcement and security officials to monitor communications on most internet sites and... Read More »

Internet Fraud: How It Works

Internet fraud is a matter of increasing concern for both civilians and law-enforcement agencies as it is not only difficult to track hackers, but also challenging to identify Internet frauds. The best option, therefore, is to avoid these frauds by changing over to a virtual private network or... Read More »

Toughen Your Browser For Online Security

The world we live in is more connected than ever before and this makes things extremely easy for us. Think about it. Everything from shopping for groceries to carrying out bank transaction is done through your browser. However, these connections are two way and make us more vulnerable... Read More »

VPN Benefits: Security And Anonymous Surfing

Privacy on the Internet is a matter of great concern because identity theft and other illegal activities are very rampant. Websites you visit, major search engines, and social media networks track and record your searches so as to serve you with relevant ads and links. Your ISP tracks... Read More »