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Blockchain Strategy

Can Blockchain Technology Help Boost Internet Privacy?

For the average user, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to navigate the internet without grappling with the threat of losing access to their private data, being watched by the government or having a hacker take control of their computer. All three of these activities are on the... Read More »
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Google Adding ‘DNS over TLS’ Support to Android

The internet is rapidly growing as one of the most commonly used commodities by the people on this planet. The recent boom in technology has paved the way for a rapid increase in the use of computers, smartphone devices and other such machines that use the internet in... Read More »

Hotspot Shield VPN Allegedly Violating Users’ Internet Privacy

VPNs are presumed to be the holy grail of internet privacy, but recent accusations against Hotspot Shield bring back every netizen’s worst fear—nothing can truly protect you online. This has compelled users worldwide to do a background check on their VPN providers. It’s a well-known fact that numerous... Read More »

Nevada Senate Leader Introduces Internet Privacy Legislation

Nevada’s Senate leader has introduced internet privacy regulations for websites, mandating them to reveal the kind of personal information they obtain from the state. After settling into the new office, Aaron Ford (D), the Senate majority leader for Las Vegas, pushed this mandate for websites. Ford’s name has... Read More »

3 Ways to Hide your Internet Browsing History

Your internet browsing history can be viewed by your internet service provider and by trackers present on the social media sites you visit. The ISP is allowed to record all that you do online and then sell the information to advertisers or any other bidders. In this scenario,... Read More »

US Senate Strips Internet Privacy Rules

The vote on March 23rd by the Senate along party lines to nullify measures that were to limit what ISPs could do with customer information like browsing history was a close one at 50-48. This action repeals the rules made under the Obama Administration which were to take... Read More »

Protect Your Internet Privacy Against Trackers

Every time users log onto a website, various parties are on hand to track habits, browsing, and shopping patterns. This poses a serious internet privacy issue since no one wishes for their private activities to be tracked by third party or software. Cyber criminals and hackers employ various... Read More »