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Tor Users Tracked By Comcast

Every single thing you do on the web can get tracked back to the IP address you are using. Even if you are accessing encrypted sites, networks can actually see the sites you’re accessing, and the sites themselves know the IP address you are using. This is where Tor comes in. You can use it to help you browse anonymously. It is basically a virtual tunnels network which lets groups and individuals improve their security and privacy on the web. It enables the software developers to build or rather create newer communication tools which have built in privacy features. It provides a foundation for various applications which allow individuals and organizations to share information/data over the public networks without having to compromise their privacy. Individuals can use it to prevent websites from trying to track them, connect to news websites, engage in instant messaging services, and other such situations, when blocked by the local Internet providers.

Tor Users Tracked By Comcast.When using the Tor client, the Internet traffic is normally routed via Tor’s network. This traffic travels via various randomly selected relays (which are run by volunteers) before they exit the Tor network, and then arrive at your very destination. This basically prevents the ISP and those monitoring the local network from tracking Tor and getting to view the sites you are accessing. It also helps in preventing the sites from knowing your IP address or physical location; instead they will see the IP address, and the location of exit node.

Tracking Tor

However, according to some Comcast users, Comcast is tracking Tor and the agents of the Comcast company contacted them and asked them to stop using Tor or otherwise they may get banned from the Comcast’s service. Reason, according to the users who said that Comcast is tracking Tor, is that Tor offers access to some illegal websites. Shortly after the reports that Comcast is tracking Tor surfaced, Comcast issued their statement which denied they had threatened anybody for using Tor saying that the Tor users are much welcome at Comcast.

That being said, Comcast actively monitors its’ users’ online activity whilst checking whether they’re following Terms of Service. Hence, just using the Tor network isn’t enough to truly keep you anonymous. That is why you need to use a VPN and then Tor, so that the Internet service provider will not know you’re using Tor and you will be safe.

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    • Thank you for the comment John.
      Hide My Ass VPN is pretty good.
      It should keep your data safe from internet service providers and snoopers.

  1. I would never use a VPN home based in the USA. Too much cooperation between US corporations and US gov.
    ATT and all the rest. That is if, I mean the US gov subcontracts out, everybody and their crazy brother in law will have access. They have no control.

    • Thanks for the comment James.
      This is true.
      US government surveillance programs, though necessary, are a little too pervasive.

  2. I use IPVanish and also sometimes use VPN-Unlimited. I have tweaked on IPVanish per support instructions, yet I get much better throughput with the latter. However, for anonymity, I do chose IPVanish.

  3. I am having trouble finding a free VPN. I cant afford to pay for a VPN monthly or with any other plans. Plus I dont have a credit card (because they are evil) so i have no means of paying. Are there any really good but free VPNs out there for Tor?

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