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HTTP/3: 3rd Version of the HTTP Protocol

The internet is decades old and has been slowly evolving to cope up with growing needs. While it does continue to face issues on all sides in the name of net neutrality, that didn’t stop researchers and companies from implementing newer technologies for a better tomorrow. The HTTP/3... Read More »
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WhatsApp Backup Data Not Encrypted on Google Drive

While there was a mixed response to the announcement by WhatsApp that archived messages can be sent to Google Drive, the added point was that the space occupied by the WhatsApp backup would not be counted against the storage space that Google has allotted on its Drive systems.... Read More »
Wi-Fi security flaw symbol on blue binary code background.

New Technique to Crack WPA/WPA2 Wi-Fi Passwords Discovered

Due to potential cybersecurity threats, experts have been advocating a password circuit and wireless protocols to be brought between Wi-Fi routers and users’ systems so that their browsing data stands protected from hackers. These protocols are released and controlled by an autonomous body called the Wi-Fi Alliance, and... Read More »
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New WPA3 Security Protocol Is Finally Official

It’s after a full five-month period that the new security protocol for Wi-Fi, WPA3, has been released. The protocol was initially revealed to the public at large in January 2018. The wireless protocol that governs the designing and operations of Wi-Fi products is the property of an autonomous... Read More »
Rubber stamping that says 'Banned'.

U.S. Federal Ban on Kaspersky Lab Software Signed into Law

The issues with regards to the Trump-run U.S. government and outside cyber security companies continue as the government has permanently banned the Russian software company Kaspersky Lab from being used in any of their authorized institutions. In other words, the government doesn’t want foreign entities spying on their... Read More »

VPN Usage is Increasing, Study Shows

According to a recent survey, the use of VPN services in the United States and the United Kingdom has skyrocketed. The numbers show that VPN services have indeed become a mainstream product in today’s times. The survey was performed by Wombat Security to figure out if the recent... Read More »