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John McAfee Reveals his Twitter Account was Hacked

The cyber security pioneer John McAfee just revealed that his Twitter account had been subject to a cyber attack. According to a tweet from McAfee, his account had been hacked for running the “coin of the day” series in order to promote less popular cryptocurrencies. In addition to... Read More »
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Crunchyroll Anime Website Hit by Hackers

The popular anime site Crunchyroll has just been hacked. The timing of the attack was unfortunate, as visitors who attempted to play Attack on Titan on the morning of November 4 were in for a rude shock. The hackers had created and placed a fake page on the... Read More »
Attack on Corporate Servers

Etherparty ICO Website Got Hacked

In another not-so-surprising turn of events, the website Etherparty confirmed that it has been hacked and the funds that investors sent to the platform are being redirected to the hacker’s account. In recent months, scammers and hackers are increasingly targeting the world of cryptocurrency and projects related to... Read More »