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John McAfee Reveals his Twitter Account was Hacked

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Cyber security expert John McAfee claims his Twitter account and mobile phone were hacked.

The cyber security pioneer John McAfee just revealed that his Twitter account had been subject to a cyber attack.

According to a tweet from McAfee, his account had been hacked for running the “coin of the day” series in order to promote less popular cryptocurrencies.

In addition to the social media breach, the cyber security guru also posted that even his mobile phone had been hacked.

As far as Twitter is concerned, the platform offers authentication on two levels in order to protect the accounts of its users. Users have to enter their code, which is sent to their mobile phones.

They also have a password for accessing their accounts. This double authentication procedure ensures that users’ accounts are safe and not vulnerable to hackers.

According to McAfee, who is a well-known cyber security software founder, he had used two-factor authentication for security purposes.

However, the hacker had obviously hacked McAfee’s mobile phone and used the code.

He first realized that his phone had been hacked when he saw an image attached on his device showing that it had been hijacked or hacked.

He then deleted the two-factor authentication procedure for all his accounts on his mobile phone, as the hacker would then be able to accept the passcodes to these accounts as well.

When it was suggested that the hack had resulted in reducing or undermining his own credentials, McAfee defended his position, posting tweet stating that although he was a security expert, he could not control Twitter’s security practices.

He further emphasized his point that the social media platform’s security is to blame for the hack.

However, luckily, only his account had been compromised in the hack. It could have been much worse, according to McAfee.

Meanwhile, Twitter has declined to make any statement or response to McAfee’s claims.

Female Holding Smartphone On Hand And Start Using Twitter Application.
The cyber security pioneer John McAfee just revealed that his Twitter account had been subject to a cyber attack.

Given McAfee’s past history, many people suspect that the whole incident could just be a stunt.

He once claimed that the Belize government wanted to kill him.

Earlier on, the police sought him out for questioning regarding the killing of a neighbor.

McAfee’s credibility has been questioned numerous occasions in the past, and this is precisely why observers tend to be skeptical about the recent hack story.

He is a notorious personality and has made lots of money—running to millions—with his popular antivirus software.

Some skeptics believe that the tweets about the hack are simply publicity stunts for promoting the John McAfee Privacy Phone, which costs $1,100.

According to press interviews with McAfee, the device will be completely hack-proof.

His investment firm, MGT Capital Investments, is currently planning to begin sales for this smartphone starting from February 2018.

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