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Acronym 'ISP' of the yellow square pixels on a black matrix background. Internet service provider concept.

Venezuela’s Largest ISP Blocks Access to the Tor Network

Many democracies around the world have started behaving like autocracies. Venezuela is one country which has been reeling under severe restrictions imposed by the ruling government headed by Nicolas Maduro. A state of emergency declared in 2016 is yet to be lifted, and the public at large and... Read More »
Media censorship and right of freedom of speech concept. Boot with text censorship and pile of newspaper.

HBO and John Oliver Blocked in China

If there is anything at all you can always count on from John Oliver of HBO, it is that he never shies off controversial topics. And true to it all, the acclaimed British comedian and ‘Last Week Tonight’ show host seems to have reserved his sharpest words for... Read More »

Social Media Platform Pinterest Banned in China

The latest site to be banned in China is Pinterest, following the ban of Instagram, Snapchat and Picasa as well as Tumblr. Great Firewall, the censorship watchdogs, will not allow users in the country to share any content or pin any images using Pinterest. Chinese Censorship Pinterest is... Read More »