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GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation. EU map and flag. Vector illustration

EU’s New Copyright Directive: What You Need to Know

Many corporate entities were worried over the European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), imposing heavy fines for failure to protect data on their websites after the new rules came into effect back in May. Though the concern was palpable by the firms subjected to potential GDPR fines... Read More »
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Australia’s Proposed Cybercrime Law Targets Tech Companies

The Assistance and Access Bill 2018 is the title given to a new piece of legislation that the Australian government has introduced. It will become law in about a month’s time when the consultation period is ended. The essence of this new legislation is that the government, represented... Read More »
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India Adopts Net Neutrality Rules

The federal government in India has stuck to its known stand for net neutrality and has made an official announcement to this effect this month. The government’s Telecommunications Commission confirmed that they have accepted the recommendations of the country’s telecom regulating body, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India... Read More »
Ethernet cables emerge with different lengths from US Flag

FCC Has Officially Repealed Net Neutrality Rules

In a recent turn of events, the United States FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has officially voted for the repealing of net neutrality. This occurred in spite of the overwhelming outcry from the public against the scrapping off of the Obama-era net neutrality regulations, which require for all internet... Read More »
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FCC Plans to End Net Neutrality Rules

Head U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairperson Ajit Pai has just unveiled plans to repeal the landmark net neutrality regulations implemented in 2015 to protect consumer rights to information. The FCC’s net neutrality regulations were set forth during the Obama administration and prohibited Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from... Read More »
National Security Agency NSA seal on keyboard

U.S. Lawmakers Introduce Draft Liberty Act

United States lawmakers have recently drafted a Liberty Act, billed to curb the surveillance powers of the federal National Security Agency. However, it seems that the curtailment might not be very effective. When federal representatives formally introduced the U.S. Liberty Act less than a week ago, it was... Read More »

China Tightens Internet Censorship with New Law

Just a few months after Chinese President Xi Jinping tightened rules around online news consumption, the country’s top internet regulator has dropped another bomb that almost kills online anonymity. According to the new set of rules, users will have to use their real-world identities to post comments and... Read More »