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A woman is typing on Google search engine from a laptop. Google is the biggest Internet search engine in the world.

The Good Censor – A Leaked Google Briefing

Breitbart has revealed a leaked internal briefing from tech giant Google that brings the spotlight on internet censorship and free speech. The 85-page document, titled “The Good Censor,” is dated March 2018. It is billed as a presentation on the actions that Google can undertake to reassure internet... Read More »
Acronym 'ISP' of the yellow square pixels on a black matrix background. Internet service provider concept.

Venezuela’s Largest ISP Blocks Access to the Tor Network

Many democracies around the world have started behaving like autocracies. Venezuela is one country which has been reeling under severe restrictions imposed by the ruling government headed by Nicolas Maduro. A state of emergency declared in 2016 is yet to be lifted, and the public at large and... Read More »
Media censorship and right of freedom of speech concept. Boot with text censorship and pile of newspaper.

HBO and John Oliver Blocked in China

If there is anything at all you can always count on from John Oliver of HBO, it is that he never shies off controversial topics. And true to it all, the acclaimed British comedian and ‘Last Week Tonight’ show host seems to have reserved his sharpest words for... Read More »
Page Blocked Error Data Internet Online Technology Concept

Iran Blocks Internet Services as Protests Continue

Amid widespread protests in the country, the Iran authorities have blocked access to two major social media networks. Iran’s government has done this in order to close public access to the internet by protestors who are using social networks to organize the demonstrations. In some parts of the... Read More »

Messaging App WhatsApp Blocked in China

WhatsApp, a highly popular messaging app used around the world, is currently the latest target by the Chinese government. The country’s WhatsApp users are experiencing difficulties sending or receiving voice and graphics messages via the application. Many political and social analysts have speculated that the crackdown on the... Read More »

Internet Censorship Increases in Venezuela

Absolute power in the hands of one individual can have devastating effects for any institution or organization. When a whole country is run on the whims and fancies of one autocratic leader and bureaucracy, military and other law enforcing agencies simply follow orders—a process that is bound to... Read More »

Turkey Blocked Access to Online Encyclopedia Wikipedia

A recent failed coup attempt in Turkey has led to many upheavals. The latest is a blanket ban imposed by the Turkish Government that blocks access to Wikipedia, thereby leaving a large part of the Turkish public at a disadvantage. Wikipedia’s appeal against the ban in a Turkish... Read More »

Russia Trying to Copy China’s Model of Internet Censorship

Russia is on the path of emulating China’s model of internet censorship. Last year, Chinese and Russian censors met at the International Safe Internet Forum held in April in Moscow in order to exchange ideas for controlling the citizens’ access to Internet in their countries. Konstantin Malofeev, an... Read More »