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Turkey Blocked Access to Online Encyclopedia Wikipedia

A recent failed coup attempt in Turkey has led to many upheavals. The latest is a blanket ban imposed by the Turkish Government that blocks access to Wikipedia, thereby leaving a large part of the Turkish public at a disadvantage. Wikipedia’s appeal against the ban in a Turkish... Read More »

Russia Trying to Copy China’s Model of Internet Censorship

Russia is on the path of emulating China’s model of internet censorship. Last year, Chinese and Russian censors met at the International Safe Internet Forum held in April in Moscow in order to exchange ideas for controlling the citizens’ access to Internet in their countries. Konstantin Malofeev, an... Read More »

Social Media Platform Pinterest Banned in China

The latest site to be banned in China is Pinterest, following the ban of Instagram, Snapchat and Picasa as well as Tumblr. Great Firewall, the censorship watchdogs, will not allow users in the country to share any content or pin any images using Pinterest. Chinese Censorship Pinterest is... Read More »
Internet Censorship

ISPs Are Filtering Your Internet

  If you tend to keep up with technology news, you may already have some strong opinions about net neutrality. If you happen to be in favor of net neutrality, you also may be disappointed to know exactly how much filtering of Internet traffic is already going on.... Read More »