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Geo-Spoofing Explained

If you live outside of the United States, you’ve likely gotten a “Content not available” alert when trying to stream content online. This alert is the result of a geo-restriction placed on the content. Many websites only make their videos, shows and movies available in certain countries, keeping... Read More »
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Sharing a VPN Connection: A How-to Guide

VPNs are becoming a widely used tool to protect personal data, encrypt internet connections, and provide security and privacy for their growing number of users. They can also be used to mask the IP address and location of a user, making it appear as though they’re located in... Read More »
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Desktop VPN vs Browser VPN: Which Should You Use?

In the current market where the awareness and need for online privacy and security is growing, there are dozens of VPN providers to choose from. Most of these services offer a desktop VPN and often include a version of their software that works as a web browser extension.... Read More »
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A Complete Guide to Smart DNS

Should you use a VPN or a Smart DNS? What’s the difference between the two? Which is better? These questions are at the center of recent debate surrounding cybersecurity and internet speeds. As more of our lives move online, the concern for increasing internet security while maintaining speed... Read More »
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What Is Geofencing and How Does It Affect Your Privacy?

There is little doubt that threats to our privacy are on the rise. The growth of technology has proved to be an ever-present burgeoning danger to our personal security and the security of our data. While this is true, the same technologies that threaten our privacy can also... Read More »
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How to Live Stream the 2019 Formula 1 Season from Anywhere

Last season’s Formula 1 racing was as exciting as anything else on TV at the time. Lewis Hamilton managed to come out on top and decidedly won the World Drivers’ Championship crown. He and his Mercedes team also managed to secure the prestigious World Constructor’s title in the... Read More »

How to Install a VPN on FireStick (Complete Guide)

Media streaming devices make it easy to watch HD content from hundreds or thousands of high-quality channels. Due to their reasonable prices and ease of use, their popularity has grown significantly in the past several years. In the media streaming device industry, Amazon has a clear lead with... Read More »
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How to Boost Your VPN Speed

Among the multitude of benefits of using a VPN lie a few downsides, the most inconvenient of which is reduced internet speeds. While it’s relatively insignificant when compared with the security and privacy benefits provided by the VPN, slower internet is annoying at best and a hindrance to... Read More »