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First Decentralized VPN App Launches on Google Play Store

Android users who want to use a VPN to secure their internet connections can enjoy boosted privacy with a newly launched decentralized VPN app called Mysterium. This app has already been made available on Windows and MacOS desktop platforms in the respective app stores. For mobile phone users,... Read More »

Why You Need to Use a VPN for VoIP

Not so long ago, making calls was a hassle. You had to have a landline physically connected between the two parties partaking in a call. The availability of the other party was an absolute must. You couldn’t just put the landline phone in your pocket and move around.... Read More »

Facebook Has Filed a Patent to Predict Your Future Location

In the latest patent filed by Facebook, the social media giant claims to have developed technology, based on machine learning, that can predict where a Facebook user is headed next. This patent is being described by the company as “Offline Trajectories.” The Mark Zuckerberg-headed company is already under... Read More »

Popular Mobile Apps Track Your Location and Sell Your Data

A new investigative report has further confirmed that users’ online activity is becoming an advertising central to businesses like Google and Facebook. It is not just about users’ browsing information that is revealed in front of digital advertising networks but it is also about where they are landing.... Read More »

Project Fi Offers Improved Privacy with Google-Run VPN

When it comes to data security on mobile devices, there has always been that gap where some entity between the user and the other person they are communicating with will have access to the data. It could be your mobile service provider or the carrier you have tied... Read More »

Mozilla and ExpressVPN Announce New Partnership

Leading VPN service ExpressVPN and popular internet browser developer Mozilla have announced their first long-term strategic partnership. Globally recognized as a leader in consumer VPN services, ExpressVPN will be working with Mozilla to create a better, more secure browsing experience for the open web pioneer’s minimal browser Firefox... Read More »