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  • No Logs
  • Protects From Tor Vulnerabilities
  • Hides Tor From ISP
  • Best Anonymity
  • T3 Award Winner





  • Great Speed
  • Good For Torrents
  • 24 Hour Chat Support
  • Bitcoin Accepted





  • Fast Speed
  • Great Support
  • Easy To Use
  • Good Privacy





  • Good Speed
  • User Friendly
  • Good Security
  • Accepts Bitcoin





  • Great Speed
  • Good App
  • Simple To Use
  • Accepts Bitcoin




Our rankings are based on our technical assessment of, and our personal experience using, each product. Click here for more information on how we came to our findings. We are paid commissions from all VPN companies on this site for customers referred from this site which convert into sales. Click here for more information about how this site operates.

Our top picks for VPN Software

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  • No Logs, Untraceable Downloads
  • Hides Tor From ISP
  • Complete Anonymity
  • 34% Discount


  • Great Speed
  • Good For Torrents
  • 24 Hour Chat Support
  • Bitcoin Accepted


  • Good Speed
  • Malaysian Legal Jurisdiction
  • No Bandwidth Limits
  • Good Support


  • Good Speed
  • User Friendly
  • Good Security
  • Accepts Bitcoin


  • Great Speed
  • Good App
  • Simple To Use
  • Accepts Bitcoin
Don't Leave Yourself Exposed. Use a VPN Now.

Why Use A VPN?

  • Complete anonymity when using the internet. No one will know what you are looking at or what you are doing.
  • If you use the Tor network then you need a VPN as your last line of defense. Tor is vulnerable to flaws which reveal your IP address, location and identity but if you use a VPN Tor then you are protected.
  • You can get rid of Netflix and stream unlimited content from on Kodi for FREE.
  • You can steam video from Popcorn Time, Movie Box, NETFLIX, HBO NOW, XBMC, Kodi, BBC iView, etc. without restriction and anonymously.
  • You can download P2P Torrents (on the best VPN’s) without restriction and anonymously.
  • State of the art encryption so all of your personal information, chats, emails, bank details, photos, sensitive business documents etc. are secure from theft over Wi-Fi networks.
  • You can access blocked sites like Facebook and Twitter from countries where they have censored sites, schools, universities etc.
  • You can bypass blocked sites. Eg. Many ISP’s in the UK block access to all porn sites, by using a VPN Service you can access all of these sites freely and without your ISP knowing anything.
  • Most will run on all devices including PC, MAC, Linux, iPhone’s, Android’s and tablets and some you can even install on a special Wi-Fi router so your whole house is protected all of the time.

For more information on what a VPN can do for you read here.

Top VPN Overview


IPVanish VPNIPVanish VPN

IPVanish offer connections to servers in over 60 different countries making it one of the biggest networks available. IPVanish are the fastest growing Tier 1 VPN Provider meaning that they own and operate all of their infrastructure and not use
3rd party companies like most other VPN service providers.

The performance is excellent to match their state of the art encryption that gives you the security and anonymity that you are looking for. During our testing IPVanish performed exceptionally well recording excellent speed test results and being able
to stream video on Kodi and YouTube from all locations we tested with no lags or interruptions while providing anonymity and excellent
encryption. Installation was effortless and the interface was nice and simple which made its use extremely easy so anyone could use it and not feel lost.

What I Like:
T3 Awards 2017 Best VPN

+ NO LOGS (Best Anonymity).
+ Protects From Tor Vulnerabilities that reveal your real IP.
+ Winner of Best VPN of 2017 in the T3 Awards.
+ Kill switch – Automatically stops all network activity if your VPN connection is lost.
+ Fastest Growing Tier 1 VPN Provider.
+ Excellent Performance and Features.
+ P2P traffic allowed and UNTHROTTLED.
+ Can Use To Stream Netflix, HULU, BBC, iPlayer, XBMC, HBO NOW, Spotify
+ Best Performing Support During Testing.
+ Brand New Updated User Interface.
+ 7 Day Guarantee.
+ Bitcoin Accepted For Added Anonymity.

What I Don’t Like:
– No 6 Month Plan.

>> Click here to visit the IPVanish official site.<<>> Click here to visit the IPVanish official site.<<

NordVPN is a true veteran of the VPN industry. We say that for two reasons. One is because it has survived in the VPN industry for over two years. And two, because NordVPN has not only survived, it has thrived in the VPN business.

Of course, NordVPN is helped by the fact that the company is based in Panama of all places. But that doesn’t make up for the fact that the people behind NordVPN have worked hard over a span of years to bring a fantastic product to the market. Overall,
NordVPN has several powerful features built right into its service. And these features combine extremely well with each other to give the user the ultimate experience when it comes to a VPN service.

What I Like:
+ Users can connect up to six simultaneous devices.
+ Kill Switch is highly customizable.
+ Speciality servers.
+ NordVPN does not keep any logs.
+ 24/7 live chat.

What I Don’t Like:
– The official app is a little slow.
– User can’t connect to specific cities or provinces from the server list.

>> Click here to visit the NordVPN official site.<<
>> Click here to visit the NordVPN official site.<<


StrongVPN is a not as well know as the other major VPN providers but that is not a bad thing. This means that there is less traffic giving you great speeds on their network of 22 different countries.

StrongVPN also employ a special type of technology so that their packets of data are disguised to hide them from prying eyes of restrictive governments like China. Yes, StrongVPN is one of the only VPN providers that works for its Chinese customers.

StrongVPN also has a no logs policy, therefore it gets the privacy tick of approval from us. The support of StrongVPN is first rate, they are fast reliable and efficient making them third in our list of the best VPN’s on the market today.

What I Like:
+ Fast speed.
+ Great Support.
+ Easy to Use.
+ Good privacy.
+ Torrents Allowed.

What I Don’t Like:
– Limited Number Of Countries.
– Basic Client Software.

>> Click here to visit the StrongVPN official site.<<>> Click here to visit the StrongVPN official site.<<


PrivateVPN is based in Sweden as a VPN service provider. And it backs that up with plenty of features on offer.

PrivateVPN uses strong encryption technologies and it gives its users the options to choose different types of encryption methods. Moreover, the company also keeps a zero-log policy. Its software applications are reasonably well built and it offers
apps for all major platforms.

PrivateVPN also has a great selection of VPN server locations. Our research also shows that its connection speeds are pretty close to what we would call fast. And all of that makes PrivateVPN an ideal choice for users who want to stream HD content from
streaming services with a VPN service.

What I Like:
+ A great money back guarantee period of 30 days.
+ VPN servers in more than 43 countries around the globe.
+ Strong OpenVPN encryption available.
+ The company has a zero-log

+ Customer support is available 24/7.

What I Don’t Like:
– No AES 256-bit encryption.

>> Click here to visit the PrivateVPN official site.<<

>> Click here to visit the PrivateVPN official site.<<



ExpressVPN ranks itself above others by offering a one-size-fits-all service.

It expects the user to pay for the privilege though.

With the extra price, users get to use a VPN service that offers dedicated apps with a great design.

ExpressVPN also offers solid online privacy and security features. In terms of speed, ExpressVPN gives strong results. The company tops that off with an excellent customer service.

All of the above makes ExpressVPN the ideal VPN service for Torrenting, Kodi, and HD streaming.

With ExpressVPN, users no longer have to worry about government censorship or the safety of their internet connection.

What I Like:
+ 30-Day Money-Back guarantee.
+ Dedicated Mobile and Desktop Clients.
+ Good Speed
+ Simple To Use.
+ VPN Network is Big and Offers a Diverse Set of Locations.
+ Zero Logs.
+ Kill Switch.

What I Don’t Like:
– No Free Trial Period.
– A Little More Pricey.
– Only Allows 3 Simultaneous Connections.

>> Click here to visit the ExpressVPN official site.<<

>> Click here to visit the ExpressVPN official site.<<


Things you should know.

We haven’t tested every single VPN product on the market because there are hundreds of them. What we did was establish affiliate relationships with a number of what we think are leading VPN services on the market for private use. We then analysed those products by performing a series of objective tests, assessed our subjective personal user experience, and reported our findings to help you make an informed decision to choose the right VPN service for you. Of course, there are other VPN products out there and you should feel free to shop around outside this site. However, on this site, all testing and findings were performed by a qualified member of our staff with a minimum of a university bachelor degree in computer science and over 10 years of experience in software development. Some of the VPN software used for testing was given free for testing purposes. Most were actually purchased. We think you will struggle to find another website out there which actually downloads and tests the different VPN software using a qualified professional.

Please be aware that some of the criteria for testing are based on objective raw data such as speed test results, while other testing criteria are based on subjective personal experience and interaction with the VPN software. Due to this, our findings may not reflect your personal view. As there is a money back guarantee after a certain number of days on all of the VPN products listed on this site you should make the most of this time and perform your own testing to see if a particular product caters to your needs. If you would like to know more on how we came to our findings then please click here.

Just to be clear, this website earns commissions from all VPN companies on this site for the customers that we refer to them and which convert into sales. If you would like to know more about how this site operates then please click here.

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