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Users of Reportedly Hacked

In late July, clients of the Ukraine-based cryptocurrency exchange woke up to the shocking news that their accounts had been emptied. According to users, someone using a Ukrainian IP had logged into their accounts and stolen all of their funds. The report regarding this news was posted... Read More »

CoinDash Platform Suffered a Hacking Attack

Recently, it was revealed in a report published by the European Union that cryptocurrency has always been beset with crimes committed by professional hackers and others. For a long time, the field of digitally encrypted currency has been most vulnerable to hacking and other forms of devious cybercrime.... Read More »

ICT Division Hacked, Recovered after 3 Hours

Recently, a government website in Bangladesh was a victim of hacking. Fortunately, the site was restored after a gap of around three hours. Ironically, the site belongs to the Information Communication Technology (ICT) of the government. There is an allegation that this hacking event was carried out by... Read More »

25,000 Stolen Plastic Surgery Photos Leaked by Hackers

The dark web’s most notorious hackers are at it again. A hacking group seizes plastic surgery photos and data of clients at a Lithuanian clinic, demanding a Bitcoin ransom in exchange for keeping the photos out of public eye. After the “WannaCry” ransomware attack launched worldwide through phishing... Read More »

Macron Campaign Team Targeted by Hacking Attack

The team of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron claims that it has been the victim of huge hacking operations. The campaign staff says the attacks were targeted at them, but the leaks have not affected the election outcome, as Macron won the presidency. Massive Hacking Macron’s election campaign... Read More »

Hundreds of YouTube Channels Compromised in Hacking Attack

Hundreds of popular channels on YouTube have been hacked by OurMine hackers, being the biggest attack in YouTube’s history. OurMine security group, which is a hacker group, has compromised hundreds of YouTube accounts. The videos of the attacked channels showed “#Ourmine” as its title, stating that they were... Read More »

North Korea Tied to Worldwide Hacking Attacks on Banks

North Korea has been connected to and accused of hacking attacks on banks all over the world. The country’s hacking operations appear to be getting bolder, with increasing attacks on worldwide financial institutions. Last year, hackers connected with North Korea attempted at hacking Polish banks and left behind... Read More »

Harry Potter Star, Emma Watson, Hacked

Actress Emma Watson has once again found herself in the media limelight as reports of a hacking attack circulate. According to recent reports, private pictures of the star have been illegally acquired and are making rounds alongside several nude photos on a dark web forum known as 4chan.... Read More »

GCHQ Warns about Cyber Security Threat to UK Election

Russia seems to be the focus of election-influencing and hacking reports within the last few years. This trend looks to continue as the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham recently alerted the leaders of political parties in Britain of a possible cyber security threat from Russian hackers. The... Read More »

Billboard in Mexico Hacked, Replaced with Porn Content

There are always numerous reports of professional and amateur hackers involved in hacking websites and databases. What one does not see often, however, is the hacking and defacing of billboards. A couple of days ago, this was exactly the case in Mexico City. According to reports, residents of... Read More »