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Billboard in Mexico Hacked, Replaced with Porn Content

A recent advertisement board hacking incident in Mexico City exposed motorists on the busy Periferico highway to a pornographic video.

There are always numerous reports of professional and amateur hackers involved in hacking websites and databases.

What one does not see often, however, is the hacking and defacing of billboards.

A couple of days ago, this was exactly the case in Mexico City.

According to reports, residents of Mexico City were treated to an unusual and shocking spectacle when a digital billboard along a prominent highway was hacked and defaced.

The advertisement board displayed a pornographic video for a few minutes featuring a woman using an electronic toy.

This incident happened in the middle of the day.

According to reports, some of the motorists around the area at the time appeared to be quite bemused.

A number of them recorded videos and took pictures on their cell phones, which they shared on social media platforms.

The digital advertisement billboard involved in the hacking incident is owned and operated by Grupo Carteleras.

The advertisement company acknowledged the hacking incident resulting in the deface success.

In a Tweet posted after the hacking, the company denounced the cyber-attack and apologized for any discomfort this hacking might have caused to drivers.

They also mentioned a similar hacking event along the same highway.

Apparently, the previous success to deface the billboard occurred around midnight.

Fortunately, the timing of that event meant that fewer people were exposed to the explicit content.

The company is said to have reported the incident to law enforcement authorities for investigation.

It is important to note that some aspects of the video displayed on the advertisement board suggest that this may not have necessarily been a hacking incident.

Upon close inspection, a TeamViewer warning tab was seen alongside the video on the billboard.

This may indicate that the computer operating the board might have been used to play the video.

From the video, it can be seen that the individual involved was using either Microsoft Edge or Windows explorer on a Windows operating systems.

As such, an internal investigation based the TeamViewer warning tab to determine whether or not this was an insider act.

a firefighter died while trying to turn off the billboard

This could shed some light on the speculation that an in-house component rather than hacking was the reason behind the billboard incident.

Not long following the news of this hacking, there was a story circulating in media outlets that a firefighter had fallen to his death attempting to turn off the billboard.

However, a number of Mexican outlets have corrected the misinformation.

The firefighter did fall from a billboard, but not the one displaying the pornographic content.

According to the corrected reports, the firefighter was removing a piece of tarp from a different billboard when he fell, and he was not wearing a safety harness at the time.

The firefighter was treated at the scene but sadly passed away at a nearby hospital.

The hacking and defacement on Periferico highway is not the only recent billboard hacking.

A similar incident occurred in Indonesia just a few months ago.

A hacker defaced a billboard with a Japanese porn video.

This was also the case in a Brazilian bus terminal in 2015, where pornographic content was displayed in place of a bus schedule.

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