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How To Get USA Netflix With A VPN

Launched in 1997 Netflix has made great strides over the years by adding more and more films and TV shows to their database library. However, streaming services of Netflix are restricted to the US, UK, South America, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, and some of the Nordic countries. In addition, the library of movies and TV shows on Netflix outside of the US are neither good nor comprehensive when compared with that of the US.

Netflix US has tens of thousands of films and TV shows in the database library, but Netflix versions available for customers outside the country are very limited. However, it is possible to easily overcome this problem and customers outside the US can also gain access to the US library with the help of Netflix VPN service providers.

How Outside Customers Can Access US Netflix through VPN

Actually, there are a couple of aspects related to this: one is technical and the other is financial. The service always makes it a point to verify the customers’ IP address in order to determine as to which country the customer is from. Therefore, it important to route the customer’s Internet traffic through Netflix VPN services so as to make it appear as though he/she is signing in from the US. Secondly, it is essential to have a paid account in order to access the content with the Netflix library. A person who already has an account has to just utilize the IP swapping technology employed by a Netflix VPN service provider.

There are several different ways – including free/paid proxies, browser extension and VPN – by which a person can make it appear as though he/she is accessing Netflix from the US. However, a study of pros of cons will reveal that the best option to access the Netflix is by using a VPN service. Though it is not a free service, it really works because, like proxies, a VPN is a server that the customer gets connected to when browsing the Internet. In addition, a Netflix VPN hides the customers’ identity online, ensures data security and is helpful in unblocking many types of services.

How to Choose Netflix VPN Provider

Since the goal is accessing Netflix US, it is important to choose a Netflix VPN service provider having a large server network in the US as well as other places around the globe. This is because the content library that many people seek is that of the Netflix US and users of VPN services have to connect to a server located in the US in order to unblock Netflix. Moreover, a larger US server network is essential to ensure a faster connection to the service from other locations in the world.

Most of the VPN providers offer a range of services starting from a very basic service (not recommend) to premium services. The second option is definitely better as good infrastructure and speed are essential to have a great experience when watching Netflix online.

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