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Firefox 65 Launches with Improved Online Privacy Controls

Mozilla has always been working hard to make Firefox the best browser to help users ensure their privacy. Firefox version 65, which was in the beta channel since December of last year, has now officially been launched and with it brings in a load of exciting new features to look forward to.

Mozilla sign and Firefox logo outside of San Francisco location entrance.
Mozilla has launched Firefox 65 with improved privacy controls, video playback and new features for MacOS users.

Firefox’s focus continues to be on providing consumers with privacy options, an easier experience and loads of support so that you could get lots of things done within the browser’s user interface.

More Content Blocking Options

Wherever you go on the internet, you are being tracked by your Internet Service Provider, the government and almost every website that you visit. Encryption is the key to provide better privacy and to safeguard your online location and identity so that you can enjoy peace of mind.

With the new release, there are now new settings under the Content Blocking category of the Settings menu.

Just head to the Privacy and Security page within the Settings menu, where you will come across three different privacy levels. By default, it will be set to the standard option where trackers are only blocked when you enter Private Browsing mode.

Now there’s also a “Strict” option, in which all known trackers used by popular websites will automatically be blocked. Users can also choose their own custom settings for the feature, but these options are more geared toward advanced users.

According to Mozilla’s announcement, a future update will also allow users to block third-party cookies that track activity.

Good News for MacOS Users

Apple has been pretty strict when it comes to allowing people to go out of their ecosystem. There are still some apps that manage to bypass this, and Mozilla Firefox 65 is one of them. One of the new features that MacOS users will find immediately appealing is the ability to browse on an iOS device, be it an iPhone or an iPad, only to continue the same on a Mac.

The handoff feature may not be the most innovative but such seamless transitions are usually offered only in first-party programs developed by Apple. Mozilla is trying to do the same while retaining Apple users.

Apple logo on the new iMac Pro the all-in-one personal computer in Apple Computers Store
Apple has been pretty strict when it comes to allowing people to go out of their ecosystem. There are still some apps that manage to bypass this, and Mozilla Firefox 65 is one of them.

Linux users also have a small update to look forward to as they can scroll through multiple open tabs in the tab bar.

Apart from these updates, the developers have ensured that the security level when using the browser on MacOS, Linux and Android has been boosted. It may not directly reflect for a user but it is an underlying yet useful change.

Support for Additional Video & Image Formats

The browser will now have support for AV1 video codec—any video that is being done in this particular format should seamlessly run within the browser. Firefox also supports WebP image format now so that any website that makes use of this technology will display properly without any issues.

Users may also be delighted to know that Firefox has made it easier to monitor its memory usage in the task bar. If you are usually opening the task bar a lot to find that Chrome and Firefox are eating up into your memory more than it should, at least the latter will have some justification done so that you can close all the annoying windows.

The developers at Mozilla have also included a new feature which allows you to seamlessly switch the display language in the Firefox application UI. It will be available in the options page.

In order to make use of the all these above-mentioned changes, make sure you download the latest version.

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