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Android TV home-user are using Google Voice Search (OK Google) function on Sony Remote by speaking to search for media, movie, music or any content on Internet.

Top 5 VPNs for Android TV

Online security should always be a priority, even when you’re accessing the internet on your Android device. Google’s mobile operating system has a user base of over two billion. This market dominance means that hackers are more likely to attack Android users in an attempt to claim as... Read More »

MPLS vs. VPN: What Is the Difference?

Average internet users are increasingly more aware of the threat they face online—the very same threat that has materialized so many times in the past in shape of data leaks, botnet attacks, cloud hacks, social media coercion and nation-level intervention. The term VPN has almost become synonymous with... Read More »

VPN Protocol WireGuard Launches Official App for macOS

Using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to safeguard one’s online privacy has become a very common occurrence in the digital world where prying eyes are aplenty. Many macOS users would like to use VPNs, as do Windows users. But using a VPN could be a complicated process—from choosing the... Read More »
Opera Mini web browser app in play store. close-up on the laptop screen

Opera for Android Browser Adds Built-In VPN Feature

VPNs are getting exclusive treatment these days. Right behind the new trend of battle royal treatment of games… is the big tech bosses’ efforts towards helping the sensitive public, us, keep its privacy and data security in-tact. And now Opera, having tried the VPN business once before, is... Read More »

First Decentralized VPN App Launches on Google Play Store

Android users who want to use a VPN to secure their internet connections can enjoy boosted privacy with a newly launched decentralized VPN app called Mysterium. This app has already been made available on Windows and MacOS desktop platforms in the respective app stores. For mobile phone users,... Read More »

Why You Need to Use a VPN for VoIP

Not so long ago, making calls was a hassle. You had to have a landline physically connected between the two parties partaking in a call. The availability of the other party was an absolute must. You couldn’t just put the landline phone in your pocket and move around.... Read More »

Facebook Has Filed a Patent to Predict Your Future Location

In the latest patent filed by Facebook, the social media giant claims to have developed technology, based on machine learning, that can predict where a Facebook user is headed next. This patent is being described by the company as “Offline Trajectories.” The Mark Zuckerberg-headed company is already under... Read More »