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China Tightens Internet Censorship with New Law

Just a few months after Chinese President Xi Jinping tightened rules around online news consumption, the country’s top internet regulator has dropped another bomb that almost kills online anonymity. According to the new set of rules, users will have to use their real-world identities to post comments and... Read More »

Nevada Senate Leader Introduces Internet Privacy Legislation

Nevada’s Senate leader has introduced internet privacy regulations for websites, mandating them to reveal the kind of personal information they obtain from the state. After settling into the new office, Aaron Ford (D), the Senate majority leader for Las Vegas, pushed this mandate for websites. Ford’s name has... Read More »

US House Approves Bill Requiring a Warrant to Search Emails

On February 6th, the House of Representatives unanimously passed a second attempt at new bill that seeks to update existing online privacy laws and obligate law enforcement to obtain a court warrant before searching US citizens’ files that have been stored with third party service providers for more... Read More »