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How to Boost Your VPN Speed

Among the multitude of benefits of using a VPN lie a few downsides, the most inconvenient of which is reduced internet speeds. While it’s relatively insignificant when compared with the security and privacy benefits provided by the VPN, slower internet is annoying at best and a hindrance to... Read More »
Linksys Router

How to Quickly Install a VPN on Your Linksys Router

If there’s one cybersecurity tool that you need to keep yourself private and safe online, it’s a virtual private network. Using a VPN service is easy, relatively inexpensive and can be done on a smartphone, tablet or computer. The majority of VPN service providers have apps that can... Read More »

VPN Encryption and Protocols – How Do They Work?

Encryption is pretty much at the center of what we know today as VPN technology. It’s the exact thing that protects the user’s privacy from intrusive surveillance programs. Not only that, but encryption also prevents online hackers from sniffing the user’s personal data when they’ve connected to a... Read More »
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How to Watch ESPN+ Outside of the US

ESPN+ is a sports streaming service that was launched by Disney in 2018. It allows users to watch the live and on-demand sports they love without a cable subscription, which is attractive to cord cutters and money savers alike. While the range of content on ESPN+ is broad,... Read More »

Block VPN Extension from IP Leaks: A How-to Guide

We all know how useful VPN extensions are as internet tools for our privacy. They protect the user’s browser traffic and make sure that their personal information is secured from any and all prying eyes. But the problem is that some VPN extensions in the market today have... Read More »
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How to Stream U.S. Television Shows Abroad

With the tools the internet offers you today, there is no need to miss out on your favorite movies and TV shows. However, things do take a turn for the worse when you’re traveling abroad. Most streaming sites will give you an error informing you that some content... Read More »