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Bank sign on glass wall

Hacking Group Targets Banks with ‘Silence’ Trojan Malware

A new Trojan malware known as “Silence” has been spotted by security analysts, and the teams confirmed that a group of highly trained and organized hackers is taking control of multiple bank accounts to steal millions of dollars. The attack has been confirmed to be a widespread occurrence... Read More »

Cyber-Espionage behind Game of Thrones Phishing Campaign

A few weeks to the much-anticipated Game of Thrones season finale, the security researchers at Proofpoint have spotted a Chinese cyber criminal group trying to lure fans into downloading malware through corrupted documents sent through email. The group was using two episodes from HBO’s popular Game of Thrones... Read More »

8 Google Chrome Extensions Compromised

Seven more Google Chrome extensions have been added to the list of potentially hacked programs ever since the initial hack of Copyfish at the beginning of this month. According to a report made by the cyber security firm Proofpoint, hackers have taken over these browser extensions with the... Read More »

HBO Hackers Demand Ransom to Stop Leaking Stolen Data

A group of hackers who claim to have made away with data from HBO servers in July have dumped a second set of files online, including a ransom video. The group, represented by a “Mr. Smith” handle, requests over $6 million worth of Bitcoin in order to stop... Read More »

Users of Reportedly Hacked

In late July, clients of the Ukraine-based cryptocurrency exchange woke up to the shocking news that their accounts had been emptied. According to users, someone using a Ukrainian IP had logged into their accounts and stolen all of their funds. The report regarding this news was posted... Read More »

Avanti Markets Suffered a Security Breach

If you’ve ever used food-dispenser kiosks at your workplace or in restaurants, chances are high that the machine was made by Avanti Markets, a major player in the field. The chances are also high the kiosk you used has been subject to a recent security breach, happening on... Read More »

CoinDash Platform Suffered a Hacking Attack

Recently, it was revealed in a report published by the European Union that cryptocurrency has always been beset with crimes committed by professional hackers and others. For a long time, the field of digitally encrypted currency has been most vulnerable to hacking and other forms of devious cybercrime.... Read More »

ICT Division Hacked, Recovered after 3 Hours

Recently, a government website in Bangladesh was a victim of hacking. Fortunately, the site was restored after a gap of around three hours. Ironically, the site belongs to the Information Communication Technology (ICT) of the government. There is an allegation that this hacking event was carried out by... Read More »