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GCHQ Warns about Cyber Security Threat to UK Election

Russia seems to be the focus of election-influencing and hacking reports within the last few years. This trend looks to continue as the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham recently alerted the leaders of political parties in Britain of a possible cyber security threat from Russian hackers. The... Read More »

Amazon AWS Outage Affects Hundreds of Thousands of Websites

Hundreds of thousands of websites went down for during the afternoon on February 28 after Amazon experienced an outage in one of its regional data centers that numerous US websites depend on for web services and cloud-based storage. In a statement, released more than three hours into the... Read More »

Dropbox Launches Open Source Automated Cyber Security Bot

File hosting giant Dropbox is looking to improve cyber security within organizations with the announcement of their soon to be released cyber security bot, dubbed Securitybot. Engineered primarily for Slack but compatible with other platforms, the bot aims to considerably cut down the alert detection times and response... Read More »