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ICT Division Hacked, Recovered after 3 Hours

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Bangladesh’s ICT Division site was recently subject to hacking by suspected Indian hackers. The department is working to boost its security to prevent more attacks.

Recently, a government website in Bangladesh was a victim of hacking.

Fortunately, the site was restored after a gap of around three hours.

Ironically, the site belongs to the Information Communication Technology (ICT) of the government.

There is an allegation that this hacking event was carried out by elements from Bangladesh’s neighbor, India.

And there’s a basis for making this allegation, since the hacker left a message on the ICT website stating the hacking was being done for India.

Is There a Cricket Connection?

An overwhelming majority of the population in India and Bangladesh are crazy about the game of cricket.

The countries are quite friendly with each other and the most interesting part of this story is that the National Anthems of both India and the People’s Republic of Bangladesh were penned by the same person, a famous Bengali poet named Rabindranath Tagore.

But when it comes to a serious game of cricket, the fans from either side become fanatics.

A few years ago, Bangladesh played and lost a cricket match that they felt was the result of a wrong decision by the umpire.

This time, again, the two countries were face-to-face in a crucial semi-final game for the Champions Trophy in England, and Bangladesh lost the match.

Immediately thereafter, the “Cyber 71” hacking group of Bangladesh is set to have hacked around 100 Indian websites in frustration.

That could be the reason why an official of the ICT Division expressed his suspicion that this month’s ICT website hacking was carried out by an Indian cybercriminal, which was very much a possibility.

There is, however, no final confirmation yet that the cricket match was behind this hacking.

Investigations are still ongoing.

Recovery and Future Steps

Cyber Security Firewall
They are now taking all necessary steps to make the website more secure

Officials directly connected to the ICT Division informed media sources that they managed to repair the hacked website and regain its pages within hours.

It possibly took about three hours to do so.

This is also a matter of prestige for the department, since it is the Information Technology arm of the government.

They must be involved in helping other key government departments safeguard their websites and protect them from any hacking attempt.

But here, their own site is exposed to be vulnerable.

The department is fully conscious of this fact, and they are now taking all necessary steps to make the website more secure, ensuring the levels of security are substantially increased to prevent any future hacking incident of this nature.

One interesting aspect in these cases of hacking, as observed worldwide, is that the hacking community believes in taking up the challenge.

When someone claims their website cannot be easily hacked, cybercriminals will often go after such sites—sometimes just for the thrill it gives them.

But this cat-and-mouse game goes on as each one tries to outwit the other.

As cybersecurity experts come up with better firewalls and filters, hacker groups will inevitably try and break through them.

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